budokon with cameron shayne

There is something about Cameron Shayne’s voice that is strong but peaceful, energizing but steady””it seems to embody the power and agility within. His practice begins with a five-minute meditation followed by a slow transition into movement””a seemingly simple enough form of hatha yoga. But don’t be fooled by the quiet start. Very soon you will see Shayne’s legs float effortlessly right to left as his arms hold him up, as he demonstrates the graceful “floating lunges.” We didn’t learn that in Iyengar class! Unless you already know the moves, you will need to pause the workout and reference the tutorials, which are like a private session with Shayne. His student demonstrates while Shayne breaks down each movement with precise attention to alignment and movement in this challenging mix of meditation, yoga and martial arts. By the end of the DVD you are doing “fighting crocodile” and “leaping leopard,” moving in wild, animalistic dance moves paired with chaturangas, kicks and blocks. The practice ends with a much-deserved meditation, bringing you to the quiet awareness of your own power and agility.   – $12.99
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