brescia bercane

The desire to explore cultures around the world and move people with her art is what inspired fashion designer, Brescia Bercane to successfully develop her collection of beach and resort wear. Traveling between France, India, and Bali over the years and learning from other designers, has allowed Brescia to immerse herself deeper into the rich cultures around her in order to cultivate her art. Her business partner, Manon Norel shares the same desire to explore the world and they are both driven by creativity. Their vision thus created the brand Brescia Bercane, clothing inspired by mystic souls, tribes and folkloric art.

Designed and manufactured in Indonesia, a team of local artisans and specialists work alongside the designer herself in order to produce artwork with a primary focus on fabric printing and design. Intricate traditional patterns and geometric forms stand at the focal point of these designs, highlighting Brescia’s core beliefs which are inspired by both modern and ethnic art. An assorted palette of vivid shades and neutral tones are experimented with in order to create a strong display of patterns. Light and delicate fabrics combined with handmade designs produce a collection of versatile artwork that can be styled as a sarong or showcased as home décor. Not only does the Brescia Bercane brand employ local people within Indonesia, but the respect towards diversity and culture is further exemplified as they aim for the company to be totally transparent. Partaking in the #whomademyclothes global movement, a journey which focuses on creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion, which ensures consumers can learn exactly where their clothing is manufactured and under which conditions. The brand has also teamed up with International Animal Rescue to help aid in the adoption of Orangutans in Borneo, where animals are suffering due to the destruction of rain forests. 5% of all sarong purchases are designated per month towards supporting the rescue and care of baby Orangutans. The Brescia Bercane brand is certainly making an impact where possible and of course, with their exquisite patterns and designs, they are a number one choice in ethical fashion. Drawing inspiration from cultures around the world, supporting local businesses and operating as an ethical, transparent company makes them a good choice to stick to. Read next >> jill danyelle: neophyte with a needle