guiding yoga's light

Guiding Yoga’s Light is a teachers guide and learning tool comprising of 74 lessons for yoga teachers and yoga students. This is the second edition of the book by Nancy Gerstein, which now has 3 additional chapters and 15 new lessons. The book aids as a step-by-step planner into yogic concepts: Asana, Pranayama, Yama & Niyama and mindfulness.

The start of every chapter begins by highlighting the subject matter around each lesson plan, such as ”˜Emotions’. An intention is set for each lesson, which then reflects on the types of Asana to practice -all of which are illustrated by handy photographs captioned with Sanskrit names for each Asana. 

Each lesson ends with the sections, Practice Off the Mat and Wise Words, both extremely useful as a reference point for inspiring quotes and points on how Yoga can be integrated into ones daily life. Practice off the mat, highlights discussion topics, a reminder or an assignment which all shows that Yoga really begins when you leave a class. The Wise Words section offers mantras, quotes and proverbs that students and teachers can instill within them, the essence from each lesson.

Nancy’s lessons for yoga teachers are all very practical for those teachers out there and also essential to the serious yoga students who wish to practice at home. They speak to you in an easy language, which is especially useful for newer teachers and are also a great reference tool for the more experienced teacher in need of inspiration.

There is an everyman quality to this book, as it highlights Yoga in daily life that is importantly relatable, honest and never preachy. Gerstein’s approach is down to earth yet balanced by a wealth of knowledge that comes from her own yoga teaching experience that is graciously shared with its reader.

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