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Body FlyⓇ is a workout that integrates and profoundly mobilizes the full body and mind in a holistic way. Inspired by various discipline, this approach to yoga combines the benefits of traditional Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerial Acrobatics and Climbing.

Suspended in a hammock, specially designed to meet the specific needs of this activity and to satisfy safety standards, you perform a certain number of Asanas using the hammock to thwart the universal laws of gravity and benefit from those of weightlessness. It’s playful and calming at the same time. “The focus and commitment is on proper alignment, preventing common injuries,” explains co-founder Jeanluc Jubert.

There seems to be a clear demand from yoga and fitness aficionados to explore and experiment all kinds of ancient or modern arts that can enlighten their daily life. More than a fashion, this method seems to be becoming a form of meditative and yet powerful exercise that is receiving a passionate following.

The desire to bring into the Yoga and fitness world a new activity that can be at the crossroad of a multi wellness practice is one of the reasons Body FlyⓇ was created. The commitment from the founders is about excellence and keeping the focus on high-standard aerial trainings by giving a precise and concrete definition of this new activity in the form of an Academy training. The Academy aims to offer affordable Teacher Training through its continuous education programs to allow anyone to become a professional in the method and be able to “Add wings to your Life!”

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