blue sage ayurveda

Sanc-tu-ar-y n. a place of rest or safety. Derived from a standard dictionary, this definition provides only a tiny glimpse into the wonders that are the experience of Blue Sage Sanctuary, a retreat and spa located just outside of Nevada City, California.

One arrives at this center on an unpaved road that winds through stands of California Oaks and pine trees. The road begins to rise as a beautiful house unfolds itself into view. This is the first glimpse of what is to become the guests’ uniquely designed weekend.

This uniqueness derives from the fact that only one couple or individual is in residence at the sanctuary at any one time. As you arrive at the front entrance, Ragaia Belovarac, the founder and steward of the sanctuary, greets you.  Ragaia, a clinical Ayurvedic specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist, is also the designer of the property, which he describes as a holding space that allows for healing to occur.

Guests are then escorted to their own, private suite, which overlooks rolling hills and valleys painted green with lush vegetation. This serenely appointed suite includes a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom, all of which reflect a simple and elegant design. One that does not distract from the beauty of the surrounding countryside. A deep connection to nature permeates all aspects of the design and allows the guests to retreat into contentment, thus finding comfortable spaces within themselves.

Attached to this suite is the treatment room, where a diverse menu of Ayurvedic treatments are available, including warm, herbal oil massage, Marma Point massage, Shirodhara, rejuvenation therapies (Basti), herbal wraps and river rock massage. At Blue Sage Sanctuary there is a philosophy that treatments are designed for rejuvenation and restoring vitality to the mind, body and spirit. The therapies incorporated are Ayurvedic “Rasayana” therapies, which focus on replenishing the nervous system by feeding the muscles and body tissues with nourishing herbs and oils, and rejuvenating the adrenals. 

Connected to the treatment room is an outdoor deck where one can experience the wonders of the Cedar Steam Box. This intoxicating treatment is an herbal steam box that one sits in, letting the oils from earlier treatments work there magic and continue the process of rejuvenating the system. After the clarity of the steam, there is an outdoor shower where one can revitalize and reconnect.

After receiving treatments, the true magic of Blue Sage Sanctuary begins.  From the ecstatic glow of your individualized therapies, there is no pressure to return to the stresses of everyday life. There is no traffic, no work, no external pressures calling you back from your current experience of bliss.

This is a time where one can feel free to wander the grounds of the 20-acre property and really get in touch with a deep sense of letting go. Guests can experience easy hikes around the property, one of which leads to a small lake populated by visiting birds and wildlife. Another short walk leads to a meditation and yoga platform where, once again, the intoxicating energy of the surrounding land and the freedom of privacy allows guests to remember their true spirit.

If hiking just feels like too much of a commitment to action, guests can simply sit by one of the many streams or ponds and do nothing for quite a long time.  Quiet reading and contemplation allow one to connect to a slower and deeper pace of life, a pace of rejuvenation and care for the body, mind and spirit.

At Blue Sage Sanctuary they say, “abide in the silence of your true nature,” because it is in that silent space that you can experience your true self. 

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