blissology yoga dvd

If you’re a yogi with an intermediate practice who is looking for a playful, flexible, and holistic Yoga 6-DVD program with which to re-commit to they yogic lifestyle than look no further. The Blissology Project: Yoga, Meditation, and Lifestyle with Vancouver’s Eoin Finn is a 30 day challenge to “open your inner blissologist.”

Each week takes you on a journey through yoga, meditation, food awareness, nature appreciation, and gratitude.  Eoin’s spiritual anecdotes, presence as a seeker and not just a yoga teacher, and his holistic approach to the practice set this DVD collection apart.

Eoin is a surfer and blissed out dude, for lack of a better term, who wants to impart this lifestyle through “Blissology”: his light and beachy personality come through in his teaching, themes, and even the production style of his DVDs.

Shot in various locations through mesmerizing Bali, Eoin and his yoginis lead the practitioner through themed Hatha classes like Side Body, Strength and Stretch, and Restorative that pair with a meditation of the day. Each day of the week offers a “quickie”(around 30 minutes) and a “full” (45-60 minutes) yoga practice for you to work into your schedule (no excuses!).

The “quickies” will definitely have you building up a sweat. Classes also come complete with modifications and variations.

Check out his website  if you want to bring a little bit of Bali and Bliss into your home practice.

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