better bean

It can be quite challenging to find prepared foods that are both good and good for you. Canned beans, for example, can be bland, or loaded with excess salt or sugar. Plus, they can leave you feeling too bloated and gassy to practice yoga! But studies show that beans can help prevent heart disease and even promote weight loss. How, then, can we make beans the centerpiece, instead of a flavorless filler or unhealthy side dish?

Enter Better Bean, a company determined to elevate the bean to its rightful place in your diet. Their products are not just fresh beans and bean dips. They’ve taken the bean out of the can, and reinvented it into something flavorful, vegetarian-friendly, and downright delicious.

Better Bean only uses freshly grown beans sourced directly from farmers in the northwest of America, ensuring an easily digestible legume. They also soak all of their beans prior to cooking, which activates the enzymes and brings out nutrients. They are cooked in big steam kettles containing apple cider vinegar and other ingredients.

All of Better Bean’s recipes are based off of founder Keith Kullberg’s original recipes, starting with the Skillet Refried Red Beans he first created while still in college. Sautéed with tomatillos, onions, and the tiniest hint of jalapeno, these red beans are bursting with Mexican-inspired flavor.

Their Tuscan White Beans, on the other hand, are creamy and mild, and are best enjoyed in a Mediterranean-style feast, or as a simple snack spread on toast. Named after the three staples of Native American agriculture—corn, squash, and beans—the Three Sisters Chili has a hearty, wholesome flavor. Though it could be a meal in and of itself, Three Sisters Chili can also be enjoyed with rice or over a baked potato.

For those who prefer a little more heat, the Uncanny Refried Black Beans have a Habanero pepper kick, and make a great addition to a nacho cheese dip. And if you are sensitive to hot, spicy foods, why not give their Cuban Black Beans a try? They have no heat, but are seasoned with lemon juice, coriander, and oregano which add a zing of flavor.

Packed fresh, Better Bean’s products will help you save time, without sacrificing quality and taste.

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