betelnut café in canggu – closed – taking a break

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Back in the day before Canggu boomed as the official hipster epicenter of Bali, a visionary couple from Perth opened Betelnut – a laid-back café in the middle of rice fields that offer healthy food without a fuss.

Four years ago there was not a lot going on food-wise in the area except for the island’s ubiquitous local warungs, so with Justin in the kitchen and Gypsy running the business side – this team hit the ground running with simple, no frills concept, just hearty, healthy food with a good view.

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They never imagined it to become the hit it now is, with people lining up to get a coveted table.

Expect a mix of surfers, tourists and Canggu expats, and dogs – people seem to bring their dogs to this café.

There is a small AC area on the ground floor and a top terrace with booths, big common tables a beautiful view of one of the few remaining rice fields on Batu Bolong street.

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Open from very early in the morning until late (for Canggu) at night, there is a big menu with a mix of international and Indonesian dishes – everything from fish tacos, to salad bowls, burgers and poached eggs with quinoa and spinach.

There are a number of vegetarian and gluten-free options for Bali, as well as a wide selection of teas, coffees, smoothies and delicious desserts including a must try is the Betelnut Cake!

A trusted favorite for home delivery amongst the Canggu crowd, Betelnut is like a longtime reliable friend that you can count on for easy simple healthy meals.

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