Have you ever wondered if you are in the right alignment on your yoga mat while you flow through your practice? With the help of the Gurugrid mat, designed by Heather McLeod, you can flow through your practice with ease, allowing you to concentrate more on your breathing and mindfulness. Numbers, lines and circles are skillfully placed on the Gurugrid mat in an artistic design, which helps guide you through the correct placement of your hands and feet while you transition from one pose to another. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, shuffling on your mat to adjust your position and stance happens regularly. While you may be thinking about how to get into your next pose, the mind is temporarily distracted from what is happening inside the body and you may lose focus. Thanks to this beautiful mat, a yogi of any age or experience level can maximize their yoga practice. The Gurugrid mat was meant to help you take advantage of not having to think about your movement as much, but to rather calm your mind, and in doing so, free your soul. The Gurugrid mat can help in many different practices, including pilates, physiotherapy, weight training, stretching and meditation. Gurugrid offers various instructional videos and photographs on their website to help you use your mat. Once you understand how to use these markings to your advantage, you can then adapt and incorporate them into your practice in whichever way you feel or need. What an excellent tool to help you connect deeper with your centre and practice! After 20 years the questions of “are my feet aligned?” or “are my feet hip-width apart?” was a recurring factor in Heather’s yoga practice. She thought of an easy solution by combining focus points with the yoga mat, which is an essential part of your practice. Not only does the mat have these markings that help with body placement and alignment but the mat is designed to look beautiful, simple and Zen. Let this beautiful work of art help align, centre and guide you towards ultimate potential. Read next >> YOGALINE Alignment Yoga Mat