bali spirit festival 2019

Finding balance in everyday life can be challenging. It is often not as easy to achieve and when you finally feel you have figured it all out you find yourself confronted with the next challenge – to heal further, to grow and to evolve to your best possible self. There are many ways to find the way back to yourself, to move -balanced- through the highs and lows of life. Sometimes taking a break from normal life or one’s regular environment helps to change the perspective, to take a breath and claim back the balance.

Attending a festival like BaliSpirit Festival is a great opportunity to leave everything behind and enter a sacred space to recharge, to recover and to gain new inspiration. This kind of festival can be the highlight of each year, a way to escape the mundane routine and enter into a parallel world of love, expansion and happiness where you can get in flow and feel the high vibes. Love is in the air, ecstasy in the feet and expansion in the heart.

And then again even in this sacred space you are faced with the challenge to stay grounded. There are so many artists to see, so many workshops to take and so much to do in general! New friends to meet, new yoga styles to be explored, new music to be discovered and new food to be tasted. And while an inspiring yoga teacher is teaching in Sky Pavilion, the new up and coming artist of medicine music is giving a concert at Coco Love Stage. How do you bridge the energy of wanting to do it all, while at the same time giving yourself some time to rest and digest to let everything settle in?

BaliSpirit Festival in Ubud is a yoga and healing festival which aims to show you what’s possible – with this year’s theme “Restore the Balance”. They bring a wide variety of artists and teachers together that are an alchemy of new tendencies in the realm of consciousness, body, mind and soul connection and transcendence of the limited vision of the mind. They offer more than just classes to take and music to listen to, rather it’s an experience that is created there, to be remembered long after the festival has finished.

From yoga to meditation, dance, breathwork, healing and authentic relating, BaliSpirit Festival opens a space of transformation through inner and outer exploration, connection and community.

Restore the Balance through Diverse Workshops

Finding balance during a BaliSpirit Festival starts by choosing the right workshop in each moment. Variety is key and time for integration is the best medicine.

Start with yoga as the foundation. To connect to your body and receive the necessary grounding for all the high vibe spiritual practices that make you go fly, yoga is the root. It helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body, calms the mind and centers your spirit – root chakra activation.

Dancing is the release and free flow energy that has been established and grounded through yoga first. Itss the water element of creativity that allows to flow in a way that’s needed for the body in this very moment. Balance through dancing is connecting to emotions, all senses and a shared dance space of joy – sacral chakra activation.

Breathwork brings a different type of balance to the practice! When you are ready to go deeper, activate your inner fire of transformation, let go of deep seated emotions and bring a new sense of lightness and healing to your soul, breathwork is the catalyst. Breathwork releases tight up emotions from the cells of the body, allows hidden memories to surface and brings a Solar Plexus activation like no other.

Healing spaces bring balance through healing of the heart. Whatever has been stored in the body energetically can be released through a healing cacao ceremony, shamanic practices, energy healing like Reiki or Chakra Healing and bodywork. Healing is the time to go inwards and relax to let someone else take care of you. Heart chakra activation through touch, softness and connection.

Authentic relating is a modality that brings balance through consciousness. What authentic relating provides is a space of presence to speak, to be honest with each other, express what is usually held back and trust that everything can be shared and lovingly received. This alone is transformational – throat chakra activation through radical honesty.

Meditation practices are the culmination of all the other practices. It’s the turning inwards, letting everything settle in, take roots, release that which is superfluous and keep that which is meant to stay. To maintain balance during a festival with much to offer, meditation is the sacred space of integration. Be it a meditation practice in a quiet space every morning before leaving to the festival, a walk in nature, or chilling in a hammock in between workshops, meditation is the path of integration.

Restore the Balance in between Workshops

Restoring balance at BaliSpirit Festival also means finding the right balance between all the workshops on offer and the quiet times in between. In order to avoid a spiritual overload and workshop selection paralysis, keep in mind that the festival is not a job but a time to play, have fun and go with the flow. The more you go with the flow and spice up your selection with different practices that activate all of your senses, your inner child, your discipline, your healing as well as your intellect, the better you can restore balance in each moment and truly cherish the offers.

Take time away from people regularly to digest all that you have experienced, let everything settle in and reflect on your days. Take time to feel and sense in each moment what your body, mind and soul needs and remember that less is more.

BaliSpirit Festival is not only about the high vibes but also about the time of introspection, healing and relaxation. Balance is a fine line between the right activity and the right time to rest, so that the energy flows freely and guides you always to the right place at the right time in the right moment.

BaliSpirit Festival takes places from March 24 to 31 in Ubud and is the perfect playground to restore the balance in a lush setting of jungle, delicious food and high vibe artists and teachers.

Written by Anne Haack, intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ.

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