bali regreen program – a bali spirit festival outreach

Bali Spirit Festival one of the top 5 festival’s of its kind in the world, brings people together from all walks of life unifying them through live music, yoga, dance, energy movements, meditation and healing.

Passionate about spreading their message of peace and positivity BaliSpirit festival has worked alongside partner organizations to raise more than $75,000 annually for its Karma (Give Back) outreach programmes in environmental awareness, children’s education and community health.

One of their outreach program stands to be a reforestation initiative program, which began in 2011. Yayasan Kryasta Guna & BaliSpirit Festival partnered up with Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF), Arief Rabiek to support reforestation and local community development in Ban Village, Karangasem, and a barren region in East Bali. The project led to the launch of Bali ReGreen Program, an environmental act and consciousness campaign dedicated to the ecological recovery in Bali.  

The project focuses on bamboo reforestation, whilst also keeping its focus on education, making compost, cultivation of bamboo seedlings, irrigation systems, as well as the economic and environmental empowerment of bamboo and livestock farmers. 

Just through your purchase of a Bali Spirit pass, you are giving back to the community of Bali. Today 10% of your Full Festival or VIP Pass ticket purchase will go directly to supporting the HIV/AIDS and Bali ReGreen outreach programs which will help shape the lives of Bali’s youth in their personal and academic endeavours. 


For more information about this essential environmental project, watch the Bali ReGreen documentary – For Outreach Inquiries please contact – A.A. Raka Sutariyani

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