bali fit | closed as of monday january 17th 2017

BALI FIT closed its doors for good on January 17th, 2017. We will miss it.

Here is the review YOGI TIMES wrote recently below.

When wandering around Bali on a surf, yoga or wanderlust holiday, Bali Fit is a must in order to keep up with your fitness.

If you are a conditioned trainer or healthy lifestyle admirer, you will want to cruise to one of the most powerful, striking and innovative health and fitness centers on the island.

Bali Fit is stationed in the heart of Canggu, between green rice paddies and the ever-flowing surf laboratory near Echo Beach in Bali.

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From the moment you arrive you are welcomed by a dashing industrial-style open concept building.

It has a unique layout where the gym is linked to the restaurant next door and to a spacious yoga shala set up on the top floor overlooking Canggu beach.

It is a product created by a passion for life, fitness and people committed to the health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

By offering comprehensive fitness and five lifestyle retreat programs, the Bali Fit team has created their own philosophy to inspire and improve the quality of life and support your commitment to health.

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The center specializes in cardio interval training and strength & conditioning. Bali Fit team will organize anything you ask for in order to have your fitness transformational vacation. 

They cater to each client’s specific needs with equal care and attention. From the moment you join, you feel the vigor and motivational atmosphere and unbelievable community feeling. 

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If you are ready for a heart-pumping, fat-burning, high-intensity workout, sign yourself up for their signature class – Training For Warriors (TFW).

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For a more balanced combination, stay for a Yin Yoga class afterward to release your muscles and increase your flexibility. You can also choose to nourish your body with a healthy and nutritious meal at their restaurant next door.

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The classes are facilitated by incredibly skilled instructors, each of whom brings their own flavor to the class with a wonderful vibe.  But don`t let the high-intensity workouts scare you.

Bali Fit is about more than just fitness. Its’ combination of fitness, yoga, mindset change, healthy living, and lifestyle, is an experienced not to be missed.  

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