bali asli liquid soap

Do you live in Bali, are planning a trip, or currently travelling through?  Well, then I am happy to say that your search for on-island natural cosmetics that are safe for yourself and the environment is over!

We have discovered the island’s cosmetic treasure:  Bali Asli Liquid Soap.

Bali Asli Liquid Soap is made out of pure coconut oil, canola oil, aromatic essential oils and borax (a mineral also called sodium borate often used in natural detergent). Made only with the finest 100% natural ingredients, this liquid soap comes in various scents such as Peppermint”¨, Lavender, Neem, Tea Tree, and Ylang Ylang (A tropical Asian tree (Cananga odorata) having fragrant greenish-yellow flowers.)  Very reasonably priced, it is a great product to have, and a little goes a long way. Knowing that you are improving local economies and supporting healthy living for a healthy planet, it makes the act of showering an authentic act of kindness! 

Since 1986, Bali Asli has been promoting healthy products that support the environment of Bali and they continue to put out conscious products, such as other natural soaps and a wide range of 100% natural jams & condiments.  You can find many of their products in the major restaurants and hotels on the island, and, if you don’t, start requesting them!

You can also buy most of their products directly from the company or, if you are on the Southern part of the Island, on the shelves of Earth Café, Zula, and Bali Buddha.

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