healing your life

This book comprises of 15 lessons on how Ayurveda, an ancient alternative medicine and understanding of ones own body that is native to India.

Each lesson on how to bring about change through Ayurveda is broken down through practical advice and content from its Author, Marc Halpern that one can easily relate to. The contents start from a place of beginning and evolve eloquently through a guided structure of introducing Ayurveda principals into ones everyday life.

The lessons of “Healing your Life” is to acknowledge ones own constitution, which from an Ayurveda perspective, is to determine a suitable environment, diet and lifestyle that restores natural balance and maximizes the healing process. From learning all about the five elements (our building blocks) and the three Doshas (biological energies: vata, pitta and kapha), the reader can understand their own personal uniqueness and how disturbances of their dosha type can lead to illness and diseases of the body.

The books author, Dr.Mark Halpern explicitly takes the reader through his own personal journey and reflects on each lesson the change it has made in his own life and how it can change your own. This personal growth aspect to the book really helps the reader relate to the practices from a modern perceptive, and Dr. Mark’s candidness, honesty and insight is extremely beneficial and inspiring.

This is a great read for anyone who wishes to learn more on the knowledge and spectrum of Ayurveda with great advice, easy to follow lessons and inspiring content. This read will take you through a journey of transformation with clarity, vision and learned knowledge from ancient practices for everyday life”¦and the rest of your life.

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