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By: Sanne van Gaalen
Edited date: October 24, 2022Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Do you know the exciting feeling of extreme happiness while dancing to the musical climax at a vibrant dance party? Your body’s super active but your mind is focused and nicely quiet. Eduard Kouwen discovered that this free flowing energy is comparable to the natural high he experienced after a yoga practice or a great physical work out. This high supports you to do, be and experience everything you wish, and to wake up the next day feeling fresh and ready for the gloriousness of life!

For years Eduard worked as a coach for drugs and alcohol addicts. Currently, he organizes Natural High Events. “I always said that there should be a good replacement for drugs, to be able to get out of it. After discovering this natural high I had found this replacement,” Eduard explains. The Art of Natural High organizes workshops and events to make people experience that great positive feeling of going ‘sky high’ in a healthy way. How? By doing activities like yoga, breathing, dancing, sound healing, tantra and by being in nature. It’s all about making a connection with yourself, others, and the surroundings that creates endorphins (hormones of happiness) in your brain.

We have visited the Art of Breathing festival at Ruigoord. This area is known for their psychedelic dance events in the hippie community. But we have to say, it is the perfect spot to get high on your own supply. They offer several workshops, yoga classes, ceremonies, treatments, massages, and readings in the magical church – the center of the universe -, the Salon and the surrounding fields. There is a cozy market, where they serve amazing Asian vegan food, and in the evening we enjoyed live music while relaxing near the bonfire. All while surrounded by the beauty of nature of this place.

We booked a reading session by Marjolein de Vries in the Pyramid. Her natural talent is to observe souls and to pass on your life goal, hidden talents, and blockages. She guided us to tap into our inner power, trust the process and allow life to unfold.

Thanks to the extremely sunny weather we gathered outside for the Big Breath Explosion guided by Tom van Huijstee and friends. While laying down in a field of grass we were deeply breathing in fresh oxygen and breathing out toxins. This collective breath work was guided by several instruments, and the rising energy was amazing. It was the perfect way to release all of what is stocked in our body and what we don’t need any more in our life. Shout it all out!

Then we moved into the church to experience the Tantra by Breath workshop guided by the couple Joyce Bosch and Thierry La Fronde Schneiders. We experienced different solo and partner exercises with the focus on breathing. A great way to connect with ourselves and others in a loving way.

All in all, a wonderful day full of excitement, energy, healing, release, and connection. We were fulfilled with love, light, and happiness. No substances or stimulants needed, for sure!




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