art aids art's work in south africa

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>Art Aids Art is a nonprofit organization located in Cape Town, South Africa, that offers programs that support and benefit the health and wellbeing of unemployed mothers and children. The need for loving, kindness, and physical self-care is tremendous given the circumstances they endure, which generally involve extreme daily struggles and long-term post traumatic stress.
For several years, they have included yoga as part of their workshops.
Yoga has inspired the organization to commission a custom Fair Trade bead and wire sculpture created by South African artists. These sculptures feature yogis seated in the lotus pose, with their mouths gently open in an ohm position.
Art Aids Art is trying to gain exposure for its incredible sculptures and other projects, so that individuals will purchase them and help its mission grow and prosper. The organization believes that it has the capacity to bring joy to Americans—while also creating employment for South African artisans and generating income for the wellbeing and education programs that support mothers and children.
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