arlisa houston

For nearly a decade Arlisa Houston has been sharing her heart and igniting others in the pure joy of being in breath and body through yoga, holistic massage, and energy healing. Her powerfully guided classes honour the breath as Maha Guru and offer each student the space to experience their fullest potential in each moment. She gracefully weaves all the limbs of yoga together with her passion for our earth and the healing wisdom of the body. Offering sacred touch with attention to enhancing inner and outer alignment, she supports the natural evolution of each individual.

Having completed her 200 hour Kundalini Teaching Level 1 certification as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2003, she has shared this transformative yoga with people of all ages and paths. In 2008 she was deeply, cellularly inspired by Shiva Rea and the evolutionary Prana FlowTM. She has been a devoted student since, currently finishing her 300 hour teacher training within the Samudra School of Living Yoga. Blessed to study with and globally assist, senior Prana Flow teacher Twee Merrigan, Arlisa loves to share and inspire people to flow wherever she goes.

She is also forever grateful for the teachings of Mark Whitwell and the Krishnamacharya lineage, Anusara, and many amazing teachers such as Dan and Sue Retuta, Mas Vidal, the science of Ayurveda, Mantra, Tantra, Reiki, Mother Nature and high mountain peaks, her daughter and her own body and breath. Arlisa’s dynamic, full spectrum classes offer a transformational experience at the heart level.

From my earliest memory to this breath I am in constant awe and honour of our natural world, its cycles and rhythms; of Mother Nature and all of the mystery and majesty embodied, her power to create, sustain destroy and renew, the macrocosm reflecting the microcosm, the grand dance. She is Shiva Shakti, the Divine Trilogy, the Maha Prana and for me, my greatest teacher. As I first sat with this question my daughter came to mind as so many BIG lessons have been learned in such a short time span from someone so seemingly small and reliant upon me, but she too for me is the most divine expression of the Mother.

As the experience of creation, the gestation of life inside my being and the birthing of another through me are all still so fresh, so too is the knowledge of this the great Teacher, this life force, this infinite capacity to create and expand. This pulse that is in each of us, as us, every being regardless of gender, all around us, is constantly teaching us, showing the way, leading the dance.

Article provided by Desa Seni, a Yoga Retreat Center in Bali. 

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