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If given the choice between feeling gorgeous energy inside or looking good on the outside, I would choose to vibrate with a gorgeous life force. Every treatment at Aris Institute””a small but significant day spa in Westlake Village””is designed to balance the body’s electromagnetic energies and cultivate inner well-being and outer beauty. Reminding us that energies are more important than appearances, Aris is located in the hyper-suburban and bland Paseo Marketplace mall; its lovely lounge (a.k.a. the “energy room”) is lined with books by philosophers and physicists rather than image-obsessed fashion magazines.

Aris owners and co-founders Sandra Tinglehof and Mariela Iamburg note that “while we may appear solid, we are in fact constantly vibrating with the heart rhythms and brain waves of ourselves and those who come close to us. We are variously vibrating with energies emitted by freeway traffic, music, or electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones. Thus, our organs and body systems are continually stressed from external energy assaults.”

Based on the ancient art of Tibetan feather massages, the 80-minute Aris Whole Body Energy Brushing ($160) is said to be effective for promoting a healthy lymph system. The treatments utilize brushes that have been charged with healthy electromagnetic energies as well as soothing bio-activated products to stimulate the lymphatic system. The 50-minute Energy Brushing Facial is designed to restore internal energy balance while regenerating the skin.

With Mozart playing in the background, the energy brushing begins with an alignment of the body’s energy field using the Aris Institute’s proprietary Head & Body Transmitters Set. These are imprinted with resonance patterns of plants, precious stones, and minerals. These “transmitters” are glass cylinders which you hold in your hand and rest under your knees during the brushing. They make you feel highly pleasurable snaps, crackles and pops of energy throughout your body.

The alignment is followed by an invigorating facial using organic Life Resonance products, which are also sold at the spa and well worth investing in. The facial/body treatment includes Bioptron lamp therapy that improves micro-circulation, harmonizes metabolic processes, stimulates regenerative and reparative processes, and promotes absorption of the products. 

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At the conclusion, the entire face and/or body is brushed with two energy brushes simultaneously””one on the left and the other on the right””in strokes that match Mozart’s rhythm. The two energy brushes have elm wood and copper handles that are connected with a cable containing resonance patterns of various organic life forms. The brushes are said to translate the bio-informed energy to the individual receiving the treatment.        

After my energy brushing treatments, I felt more than harmonized. I felt light and courageous – vibrating with gorgeous life force and beauty. 

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