are you dreaming

By: Tiana Wallace

They’re back, with a name change, focused energy and a new CD that is brimming with shamanic rhythms, devotional chants, and trance electronica, all fused into one singular vision. One at Last is an evolution of the group Lost at Last, an ethno-techno project founded by Jaya Lakshmi and Deva Priyo in 1996. As before, the core trio of Jaya Lakshmi, Deva Priyo and Om join forces to drive the rhythms deeper and the inspiration higher. Many cultural influences make this an album that covers a lot of global ground, with beats that span continents, brimming with Latin flair, African mystery and Eastern mysticism. ”¯Priyo, who also founded the organic trance group Gypsy Moon, brings his mind-bending virtuosity on Flamenco guitar, electric guitar, sarod, berimbau and numerous percussion instruments. Jaya Lakshmi brings all of her knowledge of shamanic traditions and her spirit as musical adventurer to enrich her ethereal yet earthy vocals and instrumental performances. Her lush, silky vocals sounds mix wonderfully with the dance beats, providing a nice juxtaposition of tranquility, energy, culture and DJ mixing skills. Om adds his pulsing keyboard magic and sound design skills as only he can. Within the span of an hour, you’ll hear propulsive didgeridoo rhythms spiked with Sanskrit chant, trance-flavored Gypsy flamenco music, mantras set against an Ibiza chill backdrop (with the tempo cranked up) and much more. It all adds up to an out of this world experience, built from playing live for years, and now “Found at Last” on CD once again. – $17.98



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