antigravity fitness in hong kong

Health and Fitness trends seem to come and go the same way season change in the year and fashion trends evolve. They rarely disappear completely, merely get sidestepped temporarily by a new diet, the reformer gets deconstructed, a new super food discovered or someone decides to fill a room with trampolines and bounce to the rhythm of the music.

The newest trend that seems to be sweeping over Hong Kong, has been around for a little while but seems to be gaining momentum, is antigravity fitness.

Originally developed by Christopher Harrison, a former aerial acrobat and gymnast, it has different variations and fancy names such as aerial yoga, antigravity, pilates, suspension fitness, but essentially it combines traditional yoga principles with elements of acrobatics, pilates, dance and calisthenics.

The benefits of inversions in yoga have been known for years. They reactivate the inner body, stimulating and refreshing the circulatory system, releasing oxygen and nutrients to the brain leaving us clear minded and alert. The blood flow to the thyroid and pilitary glands boosts the hormone function, releasing happy hormones such as serotonin and endorphins as well as improving our circulatory, respiratory and digestive system all at ones.

Inversions in yoga such as head and handstands however require a certain amount of arm and core strength, quite an advanced level of fitness and dedication. Using the antigravity hammocks to suspend one self upside down from the hip joint, results in the body experiencing a zero compressions inversion. This lengthens and relieves pressure in the spine by creating space while re aligning the vertebrae.

Apart from that, it improves your flexibility, balance and agility by allowing you to move more freely, fly, float and hold your poses longer with the aid of the hammock. It works both your upper and lower body strength, increases joint mobility and helps build both muscular and cardiovascular strength.

It requires and teaches greater body awareness and mental focus than many other forms of exercise I have come across. An hour class will leave you feel energized, lucid, confident, less stressed and happy.

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