ananda yoga dubai

If you are in search of an authentic Hatha yoga experience, then Ananda Yoga Center should be your next yogi outing. The ambiance and décor of the studio displays a simplicity that really allows one’s focus to be on the mat. The center teaches cleansing techniques (kriyas), sun salutations (soorya namaskar), postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation techniques (yoga nidra), and meditation (dhyana). Most classes are run by Yoga Acharya Anand. Anand is the owner of the center and has 15 years of experience in both learning and teaching Hatha yoga. He chooses to run his classes in the traditional Indian way. According to Anand, and the mission of the studio, yoga is a “sacred science of body and mind,” and when practiced, yoga can lead to a peace of mind and ability to focus. When Anand is teaching, the class has a distinct focus on pranayama: the first 15 minutes are dedicated purely to breathing exercises and stilling the mind. Anand leads his classes in silence so that yogis can hear their own music; very different from many other classes in Dubai, but that difference doesn’t stop yogis from coming to practice. Anand is very attentive, correcting postures as the class progresses. However, the Ananda Yoga Center has five other instructors that help yogis in and around Dubai. Beyond the various types of hatha yoga classes that are offered, Yoga Anand also offers yoga classes for children, female-only, and pre-natal classes. The Ananda Yoga Center’s focus is pure and simple: Hatha yoga connects one to his/her body while creating peace of mind, inner harmony, and balance. If you are interested in practicing authentic Hatha yoga in the traditional way, Ananda Yoga Center is the place to go. You may also like to learn about zen yoga in Dubai and this juice bar in Dubai Mall!

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