alan clements live: spiritually incorrect

Alan Clements brings a unique and compelling voice to contemporary spiritual seekers. He was the first American to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Burma, where he lived an intense, meditative existence for many years. If that bio calls up a pale little man with a shaved head, downcast eyes and a pious temperament, beware: Alan is none of the above.

Full of fire, full of ideas and overflowing with rant, he can budge you long-touring show that pokes challenging questions and humorous insights into the comfortable rhythms of what you might call spiritual correctness. If you need a break from the smug or the sweet or the soothing, this performance is the perfect antidote. 

Alan gives people a chance to laugh at themselves and loosen their grip on their beliefs and practices. A once-devoted follower of strict monastic regimens, Alan has great insight into the life and psyche of the spiritual seeker, as well as great compassion for our fundamental humanity. But Spiritually Incorrect is more of a rant than a reassuring dharma talk. There are no sacred cows and no teachers claiming to have all the answers. There are a lot of expletives. If the “F” word makes you gasp, you may not enjoy this performance. But that might be all the more reason to watch it and see what happens. You may even agree with Alan’s parting advice, “Drink wine and be happy!” – $24.90

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