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Astawa, Putu, and Ary, are the owners of the AA Juicery + Cafe in Ubud. They come with a clear mission; “We started AA Juicery + Cafe to bring the best VEGAN ORGANIC juices and food to visitors of Ubud at a fair price. We hope to help supports jobs for our family and community and boost the economy.”

The message is clear and really fits with reality. Going to AA Juicery in the morning for a fruity, colourful, and healthy breakfast, in the peaceful area of Tirtawar and its ricefields is a perfect way to start a day in Bali! 

I don’t know if it rings a bell to anyone but when I read the menu and saw “Dragon Bowl”, I enjoyed the throw-back to my childhood morning manga: Dragon Ball Z. 

After eating my “Dragon Bowl” with delicious fresh fruits mixed with a choice of 5 toppings – chia seeds, raisins, raw chocolate just to name a few, I felt like a super hero!. This Dragon Bowl is definitely a MUST-HAVE energy booster. You can complete your meal with some Jamu, herbal drinks, or pure fresh juices with only coconut water added. No sugar or water.

There is plenty of cocktails to try. All are tempting, so it is not an easy pick. Most of the ingredients are coming from a local organic farm, known as Har’s Organic Garden, located a few miles from AA juicery. Supporting local farmer is an important part of the mission at AA Juicery. You can track where the food comes from on the menu thanks to the little sign, neatly naming each ingredient.

Another thumbs-up to the owners for making available a homemade organic coconut oil, which can be delivered to your door as long as you stay in the Ubud area. Last, but not least, don’t forget to keep your glass bottles. They are great for refills.

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