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Deborah Crooks

Deborah Crooks

Current City: Alameda, California
Birthday: February 16
Gender: Female
Member Since: Friday - Aug 05, 2011

    • Larry Schultz (November 14, 1950 – February 27, 2011) was an American Yoga teacher. Schultz is primarily recognized as a creator of Power Yoga as well as Schultz's Rocket Yoga.Talk to almost any consistent yoga student – or beloved teacher – in the San

      • Larry Schultz (November 14, 1950 – February 27, 2011) was an American Yoga teacher. Schultz is primarily recognized as a creator of Power Yoga as well as Schultz's Rocket Yoga.Talk to almost any consistent yoga student – or teacher – in the San Francisco Bay Area and you can almost

        • Hot Yoga takes the heated room ethos of Bikram, and its teachers may share some of Bikram’s lineage, but, in most cases, the association stops there. Studio practice rooms are typically kept well above 80 degrees and the sequencing of postures — and the postures themselves — varied. A leading

          • There’s plenty of Bikram Yoga in San Francisco for those yogis who like to turn the up the heat in their practice from the moment they put there mat down.  There’s plenty of hot yoga in San Francisco period.Be advised that Hot Yoga is not necessarily Bikram yoga.  While this distinctio

            • While perhaps less star-studded than the Southern California Yoga scene, the practice of yoga in San Francisco and its surrounding areas is equally vibrant and dynamic. The cornerstones of Asana lineage are represented by traditional Iyengar, Ashtanga and Sivananda communities and a host of thriving

              • When it comes to finding yoga in Los Angeles, it not so much about if or how, but about who and when. Yoga in Los Angeles is near ubiquitous. From traditional Iyengar to Ashtanga, Kundalini to Yin and newly patented approaches to asana, it’s easy to find yoga in Los Angeles to suit both your lifes

                • The spa is now closedJust upstairs from the San Francisco Marina District’s modern shopping zone is a serene day spa dedicated to the ancient art of Ayurvedic health care. The first of more than a dozen Maharishi  Ayurvedic spas that are slated to open across the country, the spa is built aro

                  • San Francisco yoga teacher Clayton Horton’s Greenpath Studio on Lombard Street has been a showcase of what it means to maintain a sustainable and joyful practice since it opened in 2001. Offering teacher trainings, special workshops, weekly kirtans and a host of daily classes, Greenpath reflects C

                    • The more I practice, the more I find the need to get out in nature on a regular basis. Unfortunately, urban living doesn’t always conspire to support the minimum daily requirement of earth, sun and sky. Fortunately, the next best thing is ingesting food in its most natural state: raw. San Francisc

                      • The Ferry Building Marketplace at the foot of San Francisco's Market Street epitomizes the best of what the Bay Area has to offer. Renovations of the historic building, which has served as a hub for transportation since its construction in the late 1890s, were catalyzed after the 1989 earthquake and

                        • The tea service at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is somewhat of a caricature of the high art of the Japanese tea ceremony. Admittedly a tourist attraction but a worthy destination for locals as well, it is the oldest Japanese Tea Garden in the U.S. The lush setting, with its pavilions,

                          • Samovar Tea Lounge epitomizes the widespread cultural influence of tea. Now with three locations in the city, Samovar has fused the East-meets-West tea ethos into something all its own. The Yerba Buena Garden location is a glass structure perched atop the Martin Luther King Jr. fountain. Sitting on

                            • While tea stalls and ceremonies have yet to become as common as cafes in the west, an updated version of the eastern staple is fast gaining ground. Taking a cue from the coffee revolution that’s taken place over the past 25 years – or perhaps in reaction to the hyper-caffeinated frenzy of the cu

                              • Amid the holiday onslaught of homemade fudge squares, toffee shortbread and general sugar overload to be found at every gathering I attended in December, I ventured in to Fellini in Berkeley with a friend on a cold mid-December night. A friendly, funky neighborhood trattoria a few blocks away from B

                                • Success in most endeavors, be it love, career, practice or food, comes down to commitment. Since it opened in 1997, E&O Trading Company, a restaurant one block from Union Square in downtown San Francisco, has built a solid following around its celebration of Southeast Asia. From the Asian marketplac

                                  • While the name might conjure up odd new sushi combinations, Weird Fish is not so much weird as quintessentially Mission neighborhood hipster. Decidedly streetwise, the restaurant draws on the liberal, artistic and multi-ethnic ethos of the neighborhood to conjure up a menu that features something fo


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