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Natiya Guin

Natiya Guin

Current City: Playa del Rey, California
Birthday: September 04
Gender: Female
Member Since: Monday - May 07, 2012

About me:
Natiya has been intrigued with photography since her mom introduced her to cameras at three years old. She now has her own child, Kai, who is her constant inspiration. 

Natiya's images deliver beauty and strength. Each tells the unique story of the model, well beyond their outer beauty. Within Natiya's portfolio you will meet a young woman who has survived breast cancer, a teenager who graduated at the top of his class but can't go to the college of his choice because he has no social security card, a famous model who was scouted at Coffee Shop in the Bronx...
Natiya's images have raised thousands of dollars for various charities including The Chrysalis Foundation, Lupis Foundation, and Voice for the Animals.

Model recommendations: "Natiya creates a relaxed environment where the real you can be explored and photographed. Her playful spirit is infectious and it produces unique and beautiful shots. She has a way of shooting people in nature that is no less than stunning." -Molly Hagan Actor, Yoga Instructor

Currently, Natiya directs after school and summer programs for Green Dot Public Schools, focusing on the students at Animo Jackie Robinson High School in South Central LA. She offers over 30 revolving programs on campus as well as weekend and summer events. Natiya mentors students from nearly twenty inner city schools in the areas of photography and fundraising. She has gone on to hire Green Dot alumni to work with her photography company.

Through photography, mentoring youth, and offering enrichment opportunties in Los Angeles, Natiya has created the non-profit, "UNbound Photography". This organization teaches the skill of photography for recreation as well as providing the technical resources necessary to become a photo assistant and beyond. For many alumni, their jobs as photo assistants and models have helped them pay for college when they could not apply for grants due to their AB540 status. Natiya is actively persuing lucrative ways to support all of her students reaching their goals of higher education despite any and all obstacles.

The title, UNbound, refers to the first Photography book Natiya completed, produced by her friend, top model Tomiko Fraser. Tomiko gave the book its name, which showcases a series of 40 women who are Unbound and who are an inspiartion to women everywhere who want to live feeling more free. The title, UNbound, meant so much to Natiya that it inspired her to expand the word to refer to her work with Los Angeles teens...who also have the right to become Unbound in their lives! Unbound Photography opens creative and financial doors to young people in Los Angeles and beyond.  


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