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Alón Sagee

Alón Sagee

Current City: Mill Valley, California
Birthday: August 18
Gender: Male
Member Since: Thursday - Aug 18, 2011

About me:
Alón Sagee, The Yoga Business Coach, is a full-time consultant, writer, trainer, and public speaker dedicated to helping the yoga community prosper. With a healthy dose of humor and a decidedly yogic twist on business, Alón guides his clients to success without selling out or compromising their values.

Alón discovered yoga in 1988 through an Indian friend who mentored him in Hatha and Kriya yoga, as well as starting him on the path of Ayurvedic study. Alón has made yoga his daily practice, and finds it to be one of his greatest teachers.

After graduating from Rutgers University with an English and Economics degree, Alón entered the corporate world, beginning his marketing initiation as a representative for a large computer company. After six very successful years opening new markets in two countries, Alón undid the tie, took off the suit, bought a backpack, and began an extensive solo exploration of this remarkable planet — a passion that has taken him to over thirty countries to date.

With over 20 years experience as entrepreneur and consultant and six years as The Yoga Business Coach, Alón has conducted business development training seminars for thousands of business owners, teachers, therapists, coaches, and writers. He has spoken at Yoga Journal and Omega Institute conferences and is scheduled for the Iowa City Yoga Festival in November.

Alón's Yoga Business Coach™ publications reach thousands of studios and teachers in over 150 countries around the world.

In addition to being somewhat of a fixture at his yoga studio, Alón can often be found with his spiritual community at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, in the beautiful hills of Marin County, California.


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