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Darlene D’Arezzo

Darlene D’Arezzo

Current City: New York, New York
Birthday: October 06
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    • “Roar like a lion,” “slither like a snake,” “shine like the sun” are just a few of the instructions you may hear in a children’s yoga class. Engaging children in meaningful, mindful and active play is an excellent means by which to introduce them to this anc

      • A child’s sense of self influences his or her behavior, attitudes, emotional state, and level of success. Children develop their sense of self through perseverance and diligence. Trying again and again, despite adversity and failure, children cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence, and se

        • Pranayama, the practice of consciously regulating the breath, is one of yoga’s most powerful and effective tools for managing stress, anxiety and fear. Teaching children breath awareness and breath control is one of the most naturally effective ways to encourage relaxation and safely regulate

          • You are your child’s first yoga teacher. Regardless of your fitness level, you and your child can practice and learn about yoga together. Sharing yoga encourages community, connection, compassion and communication in families. The non-competitive spirit of yoga is a welcome reprieve from peer

            • In Chapter Three of the Yoga Sutras, “Vibhuti Padah,” Patanjali defines meditation as sustained concentration. Meditation is both a process and a state of being. Simply put, it is moving from distraction to attention, to sustained attention or concentration.As children learn about their

              • The word yoga means “to unite” or “to join.” It comes from the Sanskrit root yuj. Through the practice of yoga postures and breathing exercises we learn to unite body, mind and breath. Through practice, we also learn about ourselves, and ultimately, how to live harmoniously with our neighbor

                • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) is a chronic, neurobehavioral condition characterized by pervasive inattention, and/or impulsivity and hyperactivity. According to the Center for Disease Control, 4.4 million children and young adults have been diagnosed with AD/HD; it is the most com

                  • The lion is the king of the beasts, the king of the jungle, courageous and strong. The lion is a symbol of strength and nobility. Practicing simhasana,the lion pose, you will find the power and strength within yourself to be bold, honest and direct and to conquer your fears.If you were like the lion

                    • Svadhyaya, translated as self-inquiry, self-study or reflection on oneself, is the fourth of the five niyamas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The niyamas are personal disciplines, or guidelines, pertaining to our daily activities. They are evident in our actions, words and thoughts. Svadhyaya—consci

                      • “We’re going to need your help and your great imaginations,” says Grasshopper. “We need you to participate with us and sing, dance and stretch.” So begins The Ohmies!, an interactive theatrical production of world music, yoga postures and wisdom inspired by The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.The

                        • Children with sleep disorders may be moody, irritable or uncooperative. They may have difficulty concentrating, appear hyperactive and have poor grades. Sleep-deprived children may also seem clumsy or accident-prone. Chronic sleep deprivation may even be mistakenly diagnosed as an emotional or behav

                          • Stress affects children in many of the same ways it affects adults. However, children cannot always express how they feel, identify their emotions or label what is causing their distress. Instead, they might misbehave, use attention-seeking behavior or throw a tantrum. Some might become withdrawn or

                            • Dr. Jay Gordon began practicing pediatrics in Santa Monica more than 25 years ago. He has advised and supported thousands of parents on breastfeedingYT:, pediatric nutrition, parenting, and vaccinations. I met Gordon (and his dogs) bright and early one morning for a hike to discuss the pros and cons

                              • A variety of physical-motor, social-emotional, and cognitive issues affect children with special needs.  Special children may be receiving behavior intervention as well as care from a team of physicians and therapists.  Their day is often busy; vast amounts of time, energy and money a

                                • The practice of yoga has been integrated into physical education and after school programs, break periods and even across the curriculum in science, mathematics, and social studies lessons in countless public and private schools across the country. Along the way, despite the improved physical and em

                                  • why sitting butterfly pose purna titali asana? Butterflies, or titali in Sanskrit, are holometabolous insects. That trainingis, they go through a complete metamorphosis—a four-stage life cycle. This cycle is a remarkable series of changes between very different forms that culminate


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