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Gregory Ormson

Gregory Ormson

Current City: Apache Junction, Arizona
Birthday: September 23
Member Since: Tuesday - Nov 25, 2014

    • Truth force leads us to many of the same values Gandhi emphasized: local community service, healthy diet, meditation, cleanliness of body, economic justice, and care for the community, children, the infirmed, family, and for the nation-state.When doing yoga, we tune our mind, body, and spirit.

      • Yoga gives more than we can repay. It’s the reason we continue our practice and make it a long term partner. Yoga creates space and invites us to search for our true selves. Yoga has our backs and has fixed our spines. Yoga balances our perceptions and teaches us to look up at the horizon eve

        • Louie Netz, Director for Harley-Davidson’s Styling and Graphics Department, once said: “Form and function both report to emotion.” It’s likely that a yoga pose, just like when observing the stylish symmetry of a Harley-Davidson to believe a motorcycle is about the eye-catchin

          • When my yoga class begins, one of my teachers will often remind me to "let go" of what happened during the day. This first step is part of an overall readiness for yogi’s, helping us to clear our minds and become present and focused before class. I thought also of how it’s important to l

            • Historically, a covenant meant that a solemn agreement took place between two people with the intent of cementing a ‘coming-together.’ This coming-together in agreement was symbolized by a stronger ritual than a signature or handshake, but one that made clear what was on the line.When st

              • Our yoga teacher’s statement could have been an unintended slip; a surprising tangent from her ongoing instructions leading the class in and out of asana. “The pose is not the object, your body is the object,” she said. “The pose helps you get there. Yoga is what happens along the way.”

                • Once upon a time there was a mystical movement that took flight and moved from east to west. The gurus of this movement dreamed it would take root, grow and change people in the new land. A bold vision drove their mission, they were certain and sure, but a parable subverts. The gurus taught their st


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