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Lea Schodel

Lea Schodel

Current City: Brisbane, Queensland
Gender: Female
Member Since: Friday - Apr 24, 2015

    • "Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory” – Sri Krishna Pattabi Jois You sit and stare at the bills wondering how on earth you managed to rack up all those expenses over the course of a few days. Why is your telephone bill so high and why are you falling behind on the mortgage payments? It j

      • The term ‘drishti’ refers to the yoga practice of finding a point of focus where your gaze rests while you assume a certain posture accompanied by meditation. Drishti helps to develop concentration and focus. In a world where there are so many distractions, this technique is useful for q

        • Those who practice yoga know of the practice of setting a "sankalpa" or intention before every yoga session. More than just a goal, a sankalpa is a course of action that one intends to follow in order to achieve a specific goal or task. It’s important to establish one’s sankalpa as a gui


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