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Press Release | New Products

(New York City, New York, November 01, 2012) A recent study revealed that most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress, with 44 percent reporting that their stress levels have increased over the past five years.[1] Fortunately, Good Life Beverages answers this soaring demand for stress relief with bcalm.™ wellness drink ( bcalm naturally conquers stress while promoting peace of mind, one can at a time.

Founded in 2011 by Harvard Business School graduate Dan Rumennik, Good Life Beverages was created to promote stress-free living through the formulation of bcalm – the latest in natural, functional wellness beverages that delivers calming relief without the effect of drowsiness. Lightly carbonated with a unique, refreshing light apple and rose taste, bcalm is the convenient solution for daily stress and helping people to unwind.

Good Life Beverages is sure to be a crowd pleaser in the functional beverage category with bcalm’s proprietary calming blend consisting of all-natural ingredients. Made with herbs, vitamins, and an amino acid with stress-reducing properties, bcalm helps improve mental clarity and focus while helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Listed are the key ingredients that help to do just this:

  • B-vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12): This unique blend of B-vitamins helps with circulation and aids in maintaining normal nervous system function.*
  • Botanicals: Anise, chamomile, gingko biloba, and oat assist in digestion, help with anxiety, improve concentration, and enhance memory.*
  • Amino acid (hydrolyzed casein): A natural bioactive peptide from cow milk protein, this ingredient helps people cope with stress and regulate its symptoms.*

    About Good Life Beverages

    Founded in Boston in 2011 and now based in New York, NY Good Life Beverages is on a mission to help people achieve a happier, healthier, and calmer life with its bcalm™ wellness drink. Backed by extensive research and development, bcalm is a unique blend of B-vitamins, botanicals, and an amino acid with stress-reducing properties. The functional wellness beverage contains all-natural ingredients that are never artificial to help improve mental clarity and focus while reducing stress and anxiety. The refreshing, lightly carbonated taste of bcalm delivers a calming sensation without causing drowsiness. Each can of bcalm is 8.3 oz. and proudly sourced and produced in the USA.
For more information about Good Life Beverages or bcalm. visit Look for bcalm on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@bcalm). For media inquiries, product samples, or to schedule an interview with Founder and CEO Dan Rumennik, contact Rajan De Los Santos at ChristieCommunications: (805) 969-3744 or

Contact Person: Dan Rumennik

About the Company:
Good Life Beverages Inc. | 440 East 6th Street, New York City - New York 10009
917.825.1784 | |

Media/PR Contact:
Christie Communications | 440 East 6th Street, New York City - New York 10009
805.969.3744 | |

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