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(Bradley, Illinois, April 25, 2012) Bradley, IL – Unsurprisingly, the month that federal tax returns are due is also Stress Awareness Month. With so much extra stress to be found during tax season, April is the perfect month for individuals to make themselves aware of the health risks associated with stress, as well as resolutions to help mitigate it. Redd Remedies®, the leader in the field of natural health solutions, supports Stress Awareness Month with its two uniquely-formulated products that help relieve the effects of stress in the body: At Ease™ and At Ease PM™.

 With mental burdens surrounding money, work and the economy, Americans reported suffering from moderate to high levels of stress as 44 percent experienced an increase in these levels over the past five years[1]. Stress can transform the mind into an endless mental checklist bustling with thoughts, concerns and worries that intervene with the ability to keep a clear head amongst cognitive chaos. At Ease helps restore the calm focus that is needed to handle everyday responsibilities  without feeling overwhelmed, while also addressing physical anxiety symptoms* and promoting healthy brain function*.

 As the busy American quickly finds mental and physical pressures accumulating and interfering with day-to-day routines, searching for healthy and productive methods to address stress troubles becomes crucial. “Fear and anxiety are normal and essential feelings in life,” explained Dan Chapman, CEO of Redd Remedies. “Unfortunately, for some people, these responses take on a life of their own and disrupt everyday situations.”

 Today, stress has evolved into a chronic health condition with gradual, but lasting effects on personal health. As reported in an earlier study, 85 percent of participants claimed that it contributed to weakening the immune system[2]. Stress enacts physical and emotional inhibitors which affect the ability to fight off sickness and disease. Using herbs such as Bacopa to support healthy emotions*, and Schisandra to resist physical and emotional stresses*, AT Ease helps strengthen the body’s disease-fighting mechanisms. 

 While At Ease addresses effects of daytime apprehensions, At Ease PM provides a formula to block stressors that accumulate into the night and inhibit the body’s ability to experience a restful night’s sleep. As a result of stress, more than 40 percent of Americans lie awake at night preoccupied with the day’s worries and concerns[i]. Maintaining consistent and healthy sleeping patterns is not only imperative for being able to function during the day, but also partakes in decreasing stress levels.  Acting as an all-natural sleep aide, At Ease PM uses ingredients such as California Poppy, to promote quality sleep*; lemon balm, to calm nervous tension at bedtime*; and hops, to promote restfulness and relaxation*.  Furthermore, At Ease PM helps to calm nervous tensions at bedtime* and allows the body to receive a peaceful night’s sleep* in which it may repair and rejuvenate without the harmful side effects of conventional sleeping pills.

 Stress is a chronic condition that interferes with everyday activities and strains both the mind and body. Increased awareness of stress and how to handle its consequences in a natural, healthy way with At Ease and At Ease PM can help minimize its effects.  

About Redd Remedies


These words drive our passion to create holistic, natural health and wellness solutions.  Redd Remedies is committed to providing you and your family with an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements.  Redd Remedies products work quickly to deliver results and provide meaningful support for the entire body.

 True to our promise, Redd Remedies helps you put your health in order.

 Redd Remedies® is a sponsor of the nonprofit American Botanical Council and is distributed in independent health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide. For a list of retail stores, visit or call (888) 453-5058.

 ChristieCommunications specializes in clients who develop ethical products and services. For more information on Redd Remedies®, or to schedule an interview with Founder and CEO Dan Chapman, contact Gillian Christie at ChristieCommunications: (805) 969-3744 or



Contact Person: Dan Chapman

About the Company:
Redd Remedies | 211 S. Quincy Avenue, Bradley - Illinois 60925
888.453.5058 |

Media/PR Contact:
Christie Communications | 800 Garden Street, Suite B, Santa Barbara - California 93101
805.969.3744 | |

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