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Press Release | New Products

(Allenhurst, New Jersey, June 16, 2012) MyYogaLoop is a unique multi purpose yoga strap expertly designed to help improve flexibility, develop strength and elevate overall well being.

MyYogaLoop features easy-to-slide buckles that allow you to adjust the strap length to a comfortable fit on your shoulders or around your back for "Hands-Free" transport.

Once you have arrived in class-- unroll your mat and MyYogaLoop becomes a pose expanding prop. Ground yourself firmly as your body learns to improve balance and flexibility.

Choose from our newly launched line of chakra colors for the one that fits you best!

Contact Person: Stacey Gill

About the Company:
MyYogaLoop | 615 blanchard parkway, Allenhurst - New Jersey 07711
732.887.0346 | |

Media/PR Contact:
stacey gill | 615 blanchard parkway , Allenhurst - New Jersey 07711
732.887.0346 | |

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