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Created Especially For Your Yoga & Spiritual Retreats

(Nosara, Guanacaste, April 03, 2012) Nowhere else is there a more unique retreat space, created especially to promote peace and tranquility as well as support overall health and wellness. AHKi, A Sanctuary for the Soul offers a zen ambiance with beautifully appointed guest rooms, healthy and delicious meals, yoga, meditation, bodywork/healing treatments - all while cradled within the nurturing and healing energy of Mother Nature's surrounding mountains and ocean vistas!

What sets AHKi apart from other retreat centers is that it is built entirely according to the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra - sometimes referred to as "Indian Feng Shue. It is here Greg & Karen Heil have created a most unique retreat setting. Vastu is the science of construction and design that allows the dwellings to harmonize with the Universal flow of energy. By honoring and aligning with these Universal energies through Vastu we enhance our well being, deepen our consciousness and strengthen our connection to the greater good.

Located in one of the five Blue Zones in the world - locations where people are said to live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives - AHKí was created to support those looking for respite and retreat from the din of daily life. This is a truly sacred space that helps facilitates inner/spiritual growth, as well as healing body/mind/spirit.

AHKi can be reserved for group events on a weekly basis or for individual travelers looking for personal retreats, at a 3 night minimum stay.

Contact Person: Karen Heil

About the Company:
AHKi, A Sanctuary for the Soul | 400 meters loentrado de Haciendas Delicias, Nosara - Guanacaste 00
506.860.34731 | |

Media/PR Contact:
Karen Heil/Ahki Retreat | 400 meters loentrado de Haciendas Delicias, Nosara - Guanacaste 00
506.860.34731 | |

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