unlocking the divine feminine: how to use yoga to access the triple goddess

You’re into Yoga and Spirituality. And you’d like to connect deeper to the Goddess (within and without), the feminine aspect of divinity. But have you considered combining these two practices? In this article about Unlocking the Divine Feminine, we will explore the seven phases of the GODDESS Framework Feminine Archetypes and give you practical steps to integrate the Goddess more deeply into your life and activate your inner Divine Feminine.

Understanding Divine Feminine Energy through Yoga and Mindfulness

The path of yoga and mindfulness isn’t solely a physical or meditative practice. They serve as lanterns that light our way toward self-understanding, identity shaping, and Personal Growth.

They help us connect with our divine feminine energy, a potent force that embodies our true feminine divine power. 

Most people are familiar with the three of the Goddess and our corresponding journey through womanhood:

  • The Maiden
  • The Mother
  • The Matron

Fewer people are familiar with the “masculine counterpart” that accompanies each face.

The Six Facets of the Goddess

Each face of the Goddess plays an essential role in every season of our life, and all three elements have a second masculine aspect that allows us to achieve a balanced and harmonious, fully-empowered Feminine lifestyle. 

The Maiden Goddess

The Maiden Goddess is the essence of Manifestation. When a woman is in her Maiden, when women wish for things to happen — they do! When you need the world to respond to your immediate desires (including your subconscious demands), your needs are answered quickly and with ease.

The Maiden is creation magic. Imagine walking through a forest, and the part of the tree before you, simply in response to your presence. When you’re in your Maiden Flow, you don’t need to realize what you’re doing – everything works perfectly.


The masculine counterpart of the Maiden is the Warrior-Maiden. When a woman is in her Warrior-Maiden power, every perceived obstacle is for her benefit. When the Warrior-Maiden runs through the forest, the trees don’t part for her; they push her forward. Like Artemis, the Warrior-Maiden is driven; what she wants, pursues, and seeks, she wins.

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The Mother-Goddess

The Mother Goddess is the heart of Growth. Within the Mother, all Growth is possible, whether you’re knitting together a child in the womb or launching your dream business. Women transform into Mothers during the gestation and birthing period — the Child “makes” the Mother. And this process applies to so much more than human child-bearing; this is the human act of nurturing skills, dreams, and families.


The other half of the Mother is the Protector. The Mother-Protector is raw natural power; think of the Mama Bear defending her cubs. While the Warrior-Maiden can’t be stopped because the obstacles become her path, the Mother-Protector cannot be stopped because her power obliterates them.

This power always shows up in defense of the Family. When women fight those they love, they are channeling the Mother Protector.

The Matron-Goddess

The Matron Goddess is the loving, benevolent All-Seeing Eye. She always knows exactly the right thing to say (and when silence is best); she sees the path forward and gives you exactly what you need for the next step of your journey.

The Matron Goddess’ hallmark is serenity, and her purpose is to facilitate connection. When you’re in your Matron energy, you have access to the most profound wisdom within you and the cosmos.


The masculine side of the Matron is the Strategist. The Strategist sees the storm coming and knows how to navigate the tribe to weather the storm.

She anticipates change and instinctively knows how to maximize the benefit for those she loves—both the admiral and the C.E.O. leverage Matron-Strategist wisdom to guide the fortunes of their communities. 


To help you recollect and access these six aspects of the Divine Feminine, I’ve developed an acronym:

  • Ground Your Goddess
  • Optimize Your Maiden
  • Direct Your Warrior (Maiden)
  • Demonstrate Your Mother
  • Embrace Your Protector (Mother)
  • Strengthen Your Matron, and
  • Synthesize Your Strategist (Matron)

We’ve developed a series of quizzes to identify which aspects of the Goddess are most easy for you to embody and which areas to focus on strengthening.

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Understanding the divine feminine meaning within these goddess energy manifestations is crucial for our self-realization and Growth, regardless of gender.

These goddess archetypes represent the six unique facets of the divine feminine psyche. We see these sacred feminine energy patterns manifesting in various forms, from mythology to history and contemporary culture.

Recognizing these reflections in our lives can be transformative. It helps us appreciate our strengths, work on our weaknesses, and ultimately guide our journey toward holistic wellness and conscious living.

Let’s delve deeper into each archetype, exploring its essence and practical applications in our lives, and understand what a goddess woman is through the divine feminine lens. To support your somatic integration of the Goddess and embody her power in your body, we’ve suggested a vinyasa, associating each aspect of the Goddess to a particular yoga pose.

Ground Your Goddess

The Grounded Goddess is the archetype of stability and nurturing. Much like the solid foundation provided by a well-practiced Mountain Pose (Tadasana) in yoga, the Grounded Goddess archetype exemplifies emotional and mental strength. She is the nurturing force, reminding us to tend to our needs and ground ourselves before extending help to others.

She represents the divine feminine energy that keeps us centered and balanced.

Begin by visualizing the Goddess in her glory. See her in the earth, the fire, the air, and the water. Then find her in yourself. Call the Goddess into your heart, allowing her to wear your body like a robe.

Optimize Your Maiden

The Maiden represents the archetype of curiosity, exploration, and Growth. This is similar to the energetic Warrior I Pose (Virabhadrasana I), always open to the world, ready to learn and venture into new territories. The maiden embodies the thirst for knowledge and the joy of discovery, reminiscent of the adventurous spirit of youth. This spirit is integral to the divine femininity that encourages play, wonder, and exploration.

Tap into your Maiden Goddess energy by permitting yourself to indulge! Focus on the things that delight and please you for their own sake. Make time to play and savor and enjoy.

The Maiden lives in the present moment, basking in the beauty of the Now. Pay attention to the world and look for magical synchronicity as you follow your intuition.

Woman and child doing yoga in warrior pose, divine feminine energy, meditation, yoga.

Direct Your Warrior (Maiden)

The Directed Warrior Maiden embodies the archetype of assertiveness and courage. As the Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana II) helps build strength and stamina in yoga, this archetype illustrates the power of standing up for oneself and courageously pursuing one’s goals, even in the face of adversity.

She is the divine feminine Goddess that lights the way during the dark phases of life and embodies the dark feminine energy that overcomes all adversity as she drives us toward our goals.

Like Artemis, the Maiden Huntress, it’s time for you to get fierce and physical, ideally with other kickass women. Tap into your inner Warrior Maiden by allowing yourself to feel your wild side.

Go for a run in the woods. Take up kickboxing at your local gym. Don’t be afraid to take up space! Allow your inner Maiden Warrior to speak up and shine bright, unapologetically.

Demonstrate Your Mother

The Demonstrative Mother represents the archetype of compassion, love, and unselfishness. She is akin to the openness and heart-expanding nature of the Camel Pose (Ustrasana) in yoga.

The motherly figure is a reminder of the power of love, not just towards others but also towards oneself, emphasizing the importance of self-care and self-acceptance. The divine feminine energy in this archetype emanates love and compassion.

Before you demonstrate your Mother Energy towards others, you must extend unconditional love and grace to yourself. Many of us carry Mother Wounds, making accessing and acknowledging our feelings difficult. Incorporate time for reflection and self-care into your daily routine. Give yourself space for ALL of your feelings.

Embrace Your Mother-Protector

The Mother Protector is the archetype of protection, empathy, and resilience. She echoes the safety and comfort the Child’s Pose (Balasana) provides in yoga.

She underlines the ability to protect and nurture others while maintaining resilience and adaptability in facing challenges. This archetype is an embodiment of the feminine divine, protective and resilient.

Embrace the fierce spirit of the Mama-Bear as you stand up for yourself and others. Stand in your power as the Mother Protector when you advocate for the change you wish to see in the world.

Are there any places where you are tolerating the intolerable? Call in the Mother Protector Goddess’ courage as you lead the charge to make things right.

Woman doing yoga in a field of flowers, divine feminine energy, freedom, creativity.

Strengthen Your Matron

The Strengthened Matron symbolizes the archetype of wisdom, experience, and grounded spirituality. Just as the Tree Pose (Vrksasana) in yoga demonstrates balance and serenity, the Matron offers the fruit of experience, wisdom, and a deep-rooted spiritual understanding. She represents the divine Goddess of wisdom and knowledge.

Our society needs to understand the importance of Grandmother Energy and honor the gift of our elders. Resist the urge to “stay forever young” and embrace the beauty that comes from a life lived well, lived fully. Take pride in the Old Soul that resides within you. It’s okay to slow down.

Breathe deeply. Smell the roses and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Make time to connect to your Highest Wisdom with plenty of solitude and silence.

Synthesize Your Strategist

Finally, the Synthesized Matron Strategist signifies leadership, strategy, and integration archetypes. Similar to the embodiment of power in the Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana) in yoga, this archetype symbolizes the ability to guide, strategize, and integrate various aspects of life harmoniously. She embodies the divine feminine vs. divine masculine balance and integration, vital to a harmonious life.

Connect to your Divine Matron Strategist by stepping back and considering every aspect of the situation before deciding. Listen carefully to your intuition and notice how your body feels when the opportunity arises.

Call on the wisdom of your ancestors embedded in your D.N.A., remembering that the atoms forming your body were once forged in the heart of a star. Tap into your Eternal Wisdom and trust you know the best path forward.

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How Understanding Archetypes Helps Us

Understanding these divine feminine archetypes offers a profound tool for self-discovery and Growth. By recognizing these patterns within ourselves, we can better navigate our strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and the holistic spectrum of our personalities.

It supports the journey of self-understanding, amplifying our mindfulness practice and deepening the benefits of our yoga practice.

Embracing these archetypes enables us to become a goddess woman uniquely. By tapping into feminine energy, we can establish a divine feminine and divine masculine balance in our lives.

We can work to deepen our awareness of the Goddess States by incorporating yoga. As you flow through each of these postures and repeat the corresponding mantra, focus on embodying the spirit of each archetype in your physical form, integrating the mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of Her into your being:

Your Yoga Flow (The Goddess Vinyasa)

1. Grounded Goddess (Tadasana or Mountain Pose):

Stand tall and steady on your mat, feet hip-width apart, arms hanging naturally by your sides. Feel your connection with the earth beneath you, visualizing roots extending from your body deep into the earth’s center.

Ground yourself, anchoring your energy as you breathe deeply through your nose. Imagine drawing every up from the world through your roots and plugging it into the base of your spine. 

Your mantra for this first pose is, “I am.

Repeat this statement aloud or silently with each exhalation.

2. Optimized Maiden (Virabhadrasana I or Warrior I Pose):

From Mountain Pose, step your right foot back and bend your left knee, lunging into Warrior I. Lift both arms straight overhead, palms together, drawing strength and optimism from this powerful stance.

For your Maiden, repeat, “I feel.

3. Directed Warrior Maiden (Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II Pose):

From Warrior I, open your hips and upper body to the right, extending your arms to your shoulders for Warrior II. Gaze over your front fingertips, embodying assertiveness and determination.

For your Warrior, repeat: “I act.

4. Demonstrative Mother (Ustrasana or Camel Pose):

Gently bend to your knees and prepare for Camel Pose. Place your hands on your lower back for support as you arch backward, opening your heart to the sky. Surrender to the love and compassion this pose embodies.

For your Mother, repeat: “I love.

5. Embracing Mother Protector (Balasana or Child’s Pose):

From Camel Pose, slowly bring your body forward into Child’s Pose. Relax your body over your thighs, extending your arms forward. Embrace the comfort and protective nature of this nurturing pose.

For your Protector, repeat: “I speak.

6. Strengthened Matron (Vrksasana or Tree Pose):

Slowly rise back to standing and transition into Tree Pose. Root your left foot into the ground, placing your right foot on your left ankle, calf, or thigh. Bring your hands together at your heart, embodying the wisdom and balance of the Matron.

For your Matron, repeat: “I see.

7. Synthesized Matron Strategist (Utkata Konasana or Goddess Pose):

From Tree Pose, step your feet wide apart, turn your toes out, and bend your knees. Sink your hips low and raise your arms to shoulder height, bending your elbows to 90 degrees. Hold Goddess Pose, feeling the power and leadership it embodies.

For your Strategist, repeat: “I know.

End the sequence with a few moments in Savasana or Corpse Pose, allowing the energies of these archetypes to integrate within you.

As you lie flat on your back, close your eyes and rest your arms by your sides, palms facing upward. Breathe profoundly and permit yourself to absorb the lessons of each archetype.

Embracing the Six Aspects of the Divine Feminine

Embracing and integrating these goddess archetypes into our daily lives is a decisive step toward self-understanding and personal Growth. While the poses in the GODDESS yoga flow physically embody these archetypes, the real work is in nurturing their energies within ourselves—day by day, pose by pose, breath by breath.

As we conclude this exploration, we must remember that we are not bound to one archetype. All women are goddesses in their own right—encompassing all six archetypes to varying degrees. There’s no right or wrong way to be a woman; there’s only the journey to be more of who we are.

In our ever-evolving journey of Growth and self-discovery, yoga can be a potent tool to foster connection—connection with our bodies, minds, spirits, and the myriad goddess energies within us. So, roll out your yoga mat, breathe deeply, and embrace the Goddess within.

Whether you’re the Grounded Goddess in moments of tranquility, the Directed Warrior Maiden in periods of challenge, or the Embracing Mother Protector when caring for a loved one, know that you can tap into these energies whenever you need them.

Through understanding and integrating these goddess archetypes, we are not just exploring our femininity—we are honoring it.

And this is the divine feminine meaning – an exploration and celebration of our unique feminine divinity. By learning to connect with divine feminine energy, we can become goddess women, embodying our unique feminine divine essence in every aspect of our lives.

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