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Editor's Notes

journeys and revelations
I remember a few years back when my husband (who was my then boyfriend) took off to India on a world-tour that would keep him away for three and a half months. He left with a backpack and absolutely no agenda and came home with twenty photographs and even less in his bag. I wondered how he was able to be so spontaneous, so minimal and yet so eager to discover all the richness and complexity that our world has to offer. What he did bring back was the most precious gift that he has ever offered me and that was having discovered a deeper sense of himself while he was away. He returned with a broader vision of the world, and this gift has lasted many years and has enhanced our life together in many ways.

The French author Jules Laforgue once wrote, “Ah! Que la vie est quotidienne!” which translates to something like, “Oh, what a day-to-day business life is!” Let’s face it, our daily responsibilities can easily wear us down, causing our outlook on life to grow cloudy and our minds to become a little muddled. Although yoga and meditation are effective tools that can help us stay balanced, there is nothing quite like being on the road, moving through space and time and gaining a renewed perspective on life. In many ways, travel is a moving meditation in and of itself. When we return home, we feel refreshed and possess a better understanding of the world, of other cultures and a deeper sense of self.

In our START TRAVELING section, we have dedicated our pages to our love affair with travel and the journeys and revelations we experience something new. Whether we’re taking off close to home or sojourning to a distant land, travel really does require that we acquiesce to the sounds and sights of our environment. If we can be willing to let down our guard, our preconceived notions and expectations, it becomes inherently natural to incorporate foreign stimulation into our present bliss and serenity.

To help our readers move out of the paradigm of either having the time for travel or the money for travel but rarely having both of them at the same time, our financial expert Vanessa Summers offers three simple steps that will open up some space in that overhead compartment for our travel packs.

One of our cover stories takes us through middle India where we vicariously share the same breath space as a Bengali Tiger. And to ensure that we can find ample time for pampering, the team of YT-ettes has compiled eight international spa destinations that offer delectable services and unforgettable treatments.

Think of our travel section as a visual guide for your future dreams and destinations. We invite you to venture out and discover the world outside your window.


| Editor in Chief

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