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Editor's Notes

IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD and I feel so grateful to have four grandparents around to help me raise my son. At the same time, it is an eye-opening experience to see how much separation there is between the way my husband and I have been raised and the conscious choices we are making today to raise our little one. 

Nurturing the creativity of our children is far more important today than making sure they “obey” our demands and requests. One thing I have realized during some family huit clos is that our parents did the best they could with what they knew at the time, raising us with the best of intentions and love. 

It’s a real blessing to now have the opportunity in life to question and re-evaluate some of the value-principles that exist relating to how to raise a child (many of which are centuries old). My husband and I once took a six-week parenting boot camp course where we learned powerful tools for communication, conflict resolution and took a deeper look at why children behave the way they do. It essentially boils down to the environment that we create not only for our children’s expansive imaginations, but also for their emotional needs and spiritual growth.

In our CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIP section, we take a look at the different ways we can create nourishing environments for our kids. We seek out some of the most respected voices on children’s education and development and we uncover the best in natural products. From clothing to toys and beverages to books, we bring you a range of thoughts and ideas all over the site that will support one of the most challenging, yet rewarding roles you will ever play in life: being a parent. 

For those of you who have not yet taken the plunge in starting your own family, I’m confident you will find some inspiration to help you evaporate any fear you may have about taking the next step.  


| Editor in Chief

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