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I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.
- Confucius


Editor's Notes

It is 4 am and for the twentieth time I am working on this editor’s word. It is probably the most challenging editor’s word that I have ever had to write but the time has come for me to deliver a message regarding the status of Yogi Times.

As an independent media devoted to serving the needs of the community, we have many times found ourselves seeking the balance between logic and magic. When we launched Yogi Times 9 years ago, we started with what most aspiring people with a vision start with idyllic notions, an abundance of creative ideas and the desire to make a difference in our world. 

In the realm of magic, Yogi Times is doing fantastically well. We hear stories every day of how we are expanding and shifting the lives of thousands of people. Throughout the year, we unite members of our community and inspire readers to live in healthy and sustainable ways and create the abundant lives they dream of. This is MY reality, the one that inspires me to get out of bed every day. I do this every day with the absolute faith that I can create my own life and my own reality and I can do it in this lifetime!

In the realm of logic, we see a different picture. We see the absence of a corporately funded parent company in place to help navigate and nourish our evolution.  We see many of our valued team members and contributors returning to the corporate world in pursuit of financial security.

Holding on to my eternal faith that every seed of adversity grows a greater benefit, I am asking myself a question; Can we create a situation in which Yogi Times – one of the independent media organizations – can continue to flourish without being overwhelmed by the burden of financial extinction? I am turning to you, our loyal readers and partners and inviting you to be an active participant in creating the future of Yogi Times.

• As a reader and/or contributor, if EVERYONE is signing in and participating, we will have 
the ability to persevere. Through the same grass roots 
 entrepreneurial spirit that created our original magazines in Los Angeles and San Francisco, we are 
now offering a solution to sustain it!

• As an advertiser, your participation is essential to the vi
brancy of our website. Our readers are looking for your 
message. PARTNER with us, support independent media and stay on the forefront of the community. The PAY WHAT YOU WISH concept delivers the possibility to advertise at a price you determine! 
 If you have already posted your advertising, we want to extend our 
most sincere appreciation.

• As an investor, let’s explore what’s possible together. We 
champion your ideas and encourage you to contact us 
if you feel inspired by our work and dedication. Yogi Times is no ordinary media website and our doors are always opened. 

We ask if you are inspired, take action. Together, we are creating MAGIC.

"Yogi Times is Your Media, Start Doing It" with us!

Engaging the world outside, 
with partnership and reverence.


| Editor in Chief

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