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A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers.
- Ghandi


Editor's Notes

With the launch of our new website, I feel compelled to reaffirm my vision for Yogi Times and officially re-announce our “pay what you wish” campaign—a new approach to bringing Yogi Times to the broader communities, worldwide.

In the spirit of building the dream, we are approaching the growth of our company by embracing the very principles we have espoused for the last nine years. We believe that in order to inspire others to make a significant shift in their lives, we must first begin with ourselves.

Therefore, as we enter this new era of Yogi Times, we are placing our trust in you, our valued readers, contributors and advertisers to support our vision by "doing it" with us, that is read, write, rate, connnect, advertise (at a price that you determine!) and be involved in growing you city's home page on YT.

Yogi Times is no ordinary media site and we are committed to growing in new and pioneering ways. This company was born out of a vision to unify a community of people who were all seeking a unique lifestyle.

In supporting that vision, a team of talented individuals come together daily and collectively to share their knowledge, creativity and inspiration and to maintain and expand the site. We realize that when this kind of energy is put to use for the singular purpose of serving the community, the results look and feel like magic. 

The presence of yoga in our everyday lives can help yield life-changing results. We have compiled editorial content with the intention to help you take your dreams and goals from mind to manifestation. From your relationships, to your health, to your spending habits, our powerful articles (all written by people from our communities worldwide) provide the tools you need to attain lasting change in your life—it is our aim that you will feel compelled to come back daily on Yogi Times to get your fix of inspiration, information and playfulness!.

We invite you to join this movement, and "Start doing itwith us! Get involved, make a difference, raise consciousness, participate, talk, tweet, post about Yogi Times, spread the love or... just send us a note to make us smile!  

On behalf of the Yogi Times' team, we would like to express our gratitude for helping us spread health and happiness through our vibrant communities, worldwide.

Wishing you inspiration and abundance throughout your life!


| Editor in Chief

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