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By: Sophie Parienti
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As an interior designer, Claire elevates spaces with timeless elegance.

Meet Claire Bourgeois Linglart, a French-born interior designer who seamlessly combines the creative worlds of France and Spain. With a unique background that includes two decades at Chanel, Claire has emerged as a visionary in interior design, known for her audacious yet pragmatic approach. Her designs draw inspiration from art, culture, and eclectic tastes, resulting in incomparable spaces. Join us as we explore Claire’s design philosophy, journey, and vision for the future of interior design.

1. Can you tell us about your design philosophy, and what sets your work apart from others in the industry?

My design philosophy revolves around embracing the unexpected and transforming constraints into opportunities. These challenges are the raw materials that allow me to craft unique spaces infused with familiarity, refinement, and warmth.

May be what sets my work apart, is that I thrive on audacious and unconventional combinations, seamlessly merging into perfectly cohesive designs.

In the execution of my projects, I prioritize pragmatism, optimizing every space through the reimagining of volumes and the skillful manipulation of patterns and colors. My aim is to create spaces that captivate the eye and resonate with the soul.

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Can you describe your style?

I guess it is welcoming and occasionally punctuated with unexpected splashes of color. I achieve this by orchestrating the interplay of colors and light, injecting personality and comfort into living spaces.

I lean towards minimalism, but I always ensure a sense of warmth remains at the heart of the final design.

My projects serve as my creative canvas: shaping environments and enabling the expression of individual identities through interior design ignite my enthusiasm. I am like a kid in a playground!

2. Where do you draw inspiration from, and how does it manifest in your design projects?

Inspiration is the lifeblood of my creative process, and I draw it from the rich tapestry of art and design. My creative voice is shaped by a diverse and harmonious blend of styles and eras, resulting in a signature that seamlessly intertwines different aesthetics and periods. This eclectic fusion of influences is the essence of my work.

My mood board is a testament to my ideal world, where I find equal inspiration in Cranach’s paintings and Ettore Sottssas’ ceramics.

While I appreciate minimalist spaces and raw materials, I am equally passionate about Balkan folk art’s nostalgic and vibrant spirit. My design ethos is flexible, much like my appreciation for both Ekstrem chairs and the intricate wood-turned seats of Renaissance Spain.

3. Can you share a bit about your background and how it has influenced your career in interior design?

My background is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, each contributing to my journey in interior design. My two-decade tenure at CHANEL, where I held the position of Responsable Achats et Développement Packaging and Marketing, instilled an acute sense of style.

The enduring mantra from that time is, “La mode se démode, le style jamais,” a constant reminder that while fashion evolves, true style remains eternal.

My formative years were enriched by living in diverse cultural environments, including Los Angeles. There, I pursued a master’s in communication and advertising campaigns, deepening my appreciation for aesthetics and visual storytelling.

The vibrant design scene of Los Angeles further fueled my passion for creativity. These experiences have contributed to the unique perspective that informs my design work.

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4. What are some of your favorite design projects or memorable moments in your career so far?

One of the most memorable moments in my career was transforming a historic Parisian apartment into a luxurious, contemporary oasis while preserving its original charm. This project showcased the power of melding old-world elegance with modern sophistication, a testament to my design philosophy.

Another standout project involved infusing elements of Spanish Renaissance aesthetics into a contemporary Parisian townhouse. I enjoyed creating a truly unique and enchanting space that still resonates with me.

6. How do you lead your client through interior design projects?

I like to tell my clients that when they embark on a design journey, they must reflect on the sanctuary they want to create for themselves.

For me, it’s a delicate balance between the bustling creative hub of Paris, where I immerse myself in work, and the serene haven of Menorca, where I find solace in the unspoiled beauty of nature. In this duality, I discover the essence of design – the fusion of diverse elements to create harmonious and inspiring spaces.

As an interior designer, I must establish a clear vision with my clients to meet their needs and desires.

From there, I can confidently guide clients through the design process, from selecting the perfect color palette to sourcing unique decor pieces that reflect their style. Then, it’s all about combining creativity with functionality to create a space that looks beautiful and serves a purpose for them.

Staying current with interior design trends and styles is essential in this ever-evolving field. I maintain a multifaceted approach to remain informed and inspired.

Firstly, I avidly follow industry publications, design blogs, and magazines online and in print. These sources provide invaluable insights into emerging trends, innovative materials, and the work of fellow designers.

Secondly, my frequent travels between Paris, Minorca, and other destinations allow me to explore different design scenes and gain fresh perspectives. Immersing myself in diverse cultures and environments is a rich source of inspiration.

Continuing education is crucial. I attend design exhibitions, conferences, and workshops to learn from other experts and engage in discussions that fuel my creativity. It’s this multifaceted approach that ensures my work remains both relevant and innovative.

2. Can you provide examples of challenging projects you have worked on and how you overcame any obstacles?

Yes, there have been several challenging projects that have stretched my creativity and problem-solving skills. One that stands out is transforming a compact urban apartment into a spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home. The obstacle was the limited square footage, which required meticulous space planning. 

To overcome this, I collaborated closely with the client to understand their lifestyle needs and priorities. We cleverly used built-in storage solutions, multipurpose furniture, and a carefully curated color palette to create the illusion of space. It was a testament to how thoughtful design can make even the most challenging areas both practical and beautiful.

Another notable project was renovating a historic building with strict preservation regulations. We had to balance preserving its historical character with the client’s desire for a modern living environment. It called for extensive research into the building’s history and architectural style, allowing us to select materials and design elements that respected its heritage while introducing contemporary functionality. 

Clear communication with the local authorities and a dedicated team of craftsmen were instrumental in successfully navigating this project.

3. How do you prioritize the different aspects of a design project, such as budget, functionality, and aesthetics?

Hum…that is a delicate balancing act, and it begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and vision. First and foremost, functionality always takes precedence, always! A space should serve its intended purpose seamlessly. 

First, I work closely with my clients to identify their functional requirements and lifestyle preferences.

And next, budget considerations are vital! I firmly believe that good design should be accessible and achievable within the allocated budget. I establish a clear budget framework with my clients and maintain transparent communication throughout the project to ensure we stay on track.

Finally, aesthetics play a pivotal role. Beauty and aesthetics are the soul of any design, and they should enhance the functionality of the space. My approach is to blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that each design element serves a purpose while contributing to the overall visual harmony.

Ultimately, it’s a holistic approach considering all these aspects, with the client’s vision at the forefront. This way, we create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and within budget, resulting in satisfied clients and successful design projects.

Not everyone can afford your services; what advice do you have for someone who wants to update their home decor on a budget?

Updating your home decor on a budget is feasible and a chance to unleash your creativity! To embark on a budget-friendly design journey, envision your desired style and atmosphere by making a mood board. It gives you an immediate look into what is possible and allows this vision to guide your choices. 

Secondly, consider the power of repurposing and rearranging your existing furnishings, and consider breathing new life into old pieces through simple DIY projects or creative refurbishments.

Thrift stores and online marketplaces offer budget-friendly treasures waiting to be discovered, which, with a bit of love, can become unique statement pieces. 

Old Table Claire Bourgeois Linglart french interior designer Paris

Ah, yes, invest strategically in critical items like rugs, lighting fixtures, plants or mirrors to make a significant impact. Thoughtfully selected accessories such as throw pillows, curtains, or decorative bowls introduce color and texture without breaking the bank!

Old white lmaps Claire Bourgeois Linglart french interior designer Paris

Finally, declutter and reorganize furniture for a more inviting and spacious feel and explore the transformative potential of paint or wallpaper.

Remember, redecorating is a rewarding journey, offering the chance to curate a space that authentically reflects your personality and style!

5. What are your future aspirations and upcoming projects in the world of interior design?

Bathroom Claire Bourgeois Linglart french interior designer Paris

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in design and exploring new horizons. My aspirations include taking on more international projects and expanding my influence in France and Spain. Collaborations with fellow designers and artists hold a special allure for me, as they bring fresh perspectives and creative energies into my work. 

Ultimately, I aim to continue crafting spaces that evoke deep emotions, leaving an indelible impression on those who experience them.

Thank you, Claire, for an insider look at your perception of design and creativity.

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