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As an interior designer, Claire BOURGEOIS-LINGLART shapes spaces with timeless elegance.

Claire BOURGEOIS-LINGLART has made a name for herself in interior design with an approach that is both bold and pragmatic. Her eclectic tastes, inspired by art, design and childhood memories, contribute to the creation of incomparable spaces. Join us to discover Claire BOURGEOIS-LINGLART’s career path and her vision of interior design.

claire bourgeois

Can you describe your style?

It’s an elegant, original and timeless mix and match.

I don’t care about being trendy. Everything inspires me! There are few codes in my style, but ideas and desires that change all the time and that I mix with the identity of the place and its owners.

claire bourgeois

I love the charm of utilitarian objects just as much as pieces by top designers. I find my pieces both on Leboncoin and at Drouot auctions. And on my travels, I like to enter small boutiques and workshops that are always full of beautiful discoveries. For me, beauty is everywhere!

claire bourgeois

Can you tell us about your design philosophy and what sets your work apart from others in the industry?

In each of my projects, I seek to reveal or awaken a place. This requires a bit of boldness, knowing how to make colors vibrate, how to bring patternsinto dialogue, and how to mix materials. My aim is to create spaces that captivate the eye, generate emotion and resonate with the soul.

claire bourgeois

Where do you draw your inspiration from, and how does it manifest itself in your design projects?

Everywhere! Of course,I go to trade shows, like Salone del Mobile in Milan (which I loved this year), but I also find nuggets in Emmaüs or Trocs de l’île, whenever I see one. And whenever I visit my family near the Belgian border, I always make sure to spend a day in and around Ghent and Kortrijk. These cities are very inspiring and full of treasures. The pieces I spot always find a place in my projects.

I also draw inspiration from my childhood memories. I grew up in Chartres and spent all my vacations in Aveyron. As the daughter of a gardener father, plants play an unconditional role in my projects. For me, plants are the finishing touch to every layout.

claire bourgeois

Can you tell us a little about your background and how it has influenced your career in interior design?

Of course, there was CHANEL, where I began my career in the art department. My two decades with the company taught me excellence in finishing and a keen sense of style. In fact, I cultivate this quote from Gabrielle CHANEL: “Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does”. A constant reminder that even if fashion evolves, true style remains eternal.

When I was younger, I was also lucky enough to live in diverse cultural and geographical environments: Los Angeles, where I lived for 3 years. Think of the delightfully regressive pastel storefronts, the big houses with bay windows and huge terraces, the abundance of cactus and palm trees and the slightly folk and bohemian look of the interiors, where light plays a key role. John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein Residence sums up these memories.

claire bourgeois

I also spent a year in Zürich, where my attraction to the purity of steel shapes and materials emerged. Swiss design has a unique identity. It favors minimalism, quality, functionality and innovation. USM furniture, the emblem of modern design, is a perfect example of this, and I regularly find a place for it in my projects.

More recently, during a trip to Mexico City, I visited Luis Baragan’s studio house and the Frida Kahlo museum. It was a real visual and sensory experience for a fan of raw pigments like me.

Now I’m back from a 3-week trip to Japan. I’m still a great admirer of Japanese craftsmanship, especially woodworking, a veritable ode to softness. I’m always struck by their sense of perfect gesture and minimalism. Their creations evoke a light poetry, a feeling of suspended time.

claire bourgeois

How do you support your customers in their interior design projects?

Each customer has his own story. Some need guidance, others need reassurance. Often, my customers are enthusiastic about their renewal project, but they’re also disconcerted by their doubts. “Too much choice kills the choice” is a dismay expressed by many customers. I help them take the pressure off. I’m also very attentive to their hobbies, which I make a point of never neglecting.

claire bourgeois

How do you prioritize the different aspects of a design project, such as budget, functionality and aesthetics?

It’s a delicate balancing act. It starts with a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and vision. And functionality always comes first! A space has to serve its purpose perfectly.

Budgetary considerations are also important. I insist on total transparency with my customers. Depending on the budget allocated, I propose options that enable them to make informed choices. Ultimately, my job is to provide solutions. I firmly believe that good design can be accessible and achievable, whatever the budget.

Finally, aesthetics play a central role. My approach is to combine aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that each design element serves a purpose while contributing to the overall harmony.

Ultimately, it’s a holistic approach that integrates all these aspects. For me, it’s essential to guarantee the equation of all these parameters. Beyond decoration, this commitment to my customers is paramount.

claire bourgeois

What advice would you give to someone looking to decorate their home on a budget?

Redecorating your interior on a limited budget is feasible and a chance to unleash your creativity!

Yard sales and online markets offer treasures that, with a little imagination, can become one-of-a-kind pieces.

Invest strategically in essential items such as rugs, lighting fixtures, plants or mirrors to make a significant impact. Carefully selected accessories such as cushions, curtains or bowls add color and texture without breaking the bank!

Finally, declutter and rearrange furniture for a more welcoming, spacious feel, and explore the transformative potential of paint or wallpaper.

claire bourgeois

What are your plans and desires for the months and years ahead, Claire?

I love my job. It’s a real emotional roller coaster. Every day is different, every job is different. I’m always meeting new suppliers, new craftsmen and new customers. Of course, it’s also stressful, but above all it’s stimulating. In short, I wouldn’t change a thing!

claire bourgeois

For example, at the moment, I’m being consulted to divide a house into six studios, but I’m also finishing a 5m2 kitchenette and next month I’ll be starting the total renovation of a 150m2 house. In addition, I’ve bought a small house in Menorca. It’s my little diamond in the rough that I’m restoring “poc a poc”, as the locals say.

Thank you, Claire BOURGEOIS-LINGLART, it’s always a pleasure to talk to someone so passionate about her work.

claire bourgeois