Nathan Lyon

Across is known all through the nation for his simple, inventive cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Nathan Lyon was indeed the creator and host of A Lyon inside the Kitchen (Discovery Health and Fit TV), one of the quarter finals on the season 2 of The Next Food Network Star, as well as appeared as a visitor chef and specialist on Home Made Simple (TLC) and Real Simple Real Life (Veria) (TLC).

Nathan backpacked across Europe after finishing high school from James Madison Graduated with a Degree of Science throughout Health Science and a minor in Public Health.

He learned about local customs, culture, and cuisine.

Although each town and country along Nathan's journey provided its own culinary lecture, the watershed moment came in an outdoor market just outside of Florence, Italy, when an elderly woman, agog just at massive amount of yield Nathan was stockpiling, eagerly asked, "Why are you buying so much food?" "Why not just go out and buy fresh every day?" Nathan immediately dumped half his basket and started thinking about all of those 2 simple questions.

Nathan found his truth in that market: great food begins with fresh ingredients.

Nathan returned home, laden with ideas and information, eventually enrolling in culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, in which he earned a Culinary Arts degree.

Nathan had also worked in many eateries, even outside the kitchen, and has spent over a decade working with local growers at California farmers markets.

Nathan's cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh, has been cited by Alice Waters, Graham Kerr, Curt Stone, and Jamie Oliver, and it was named to the Washington Post's prestigious "Top Cookbooks" list.

Nathan was nominated for an Emmy in 2013 for "Outstanding Culinary Host."

He is a Sustainable Seafood Ambassador for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a Gastronomic Ambassador for the City of Hope, and has cooked for a number of non-profit organizations, including the Clinton Foundation.

He's even written and illustrated a children's adventure story, Sam the Clam, to his older brother, Craig.

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