Katya Blackledge

bewilderingly creating a warmly lit space for restoration and laughter.

with eyes full of wonder, and a heart open like a child's - it's time to run out of a box, and off into the wild..

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water magic - restorative sea bath

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water magic – restorative sea bath

an oasis of pleasure and solitude A bath can be an oasis of pleasure and...
crate café | canggu

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crate café | canggu

a surfer’s joint in canggu For something fresh, local and organic check out Crate Café;...
the spell

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the spell

The crepe has travelled far; from its best known origins in the northwest regions of France, to...
copenhagen "in Bali"

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copenhagen "in bali"

The newest cafe on the block, in the midst of YOGI TIMES’ favourite up and...