JC Gabler

<p>Publisher, Founder of Yogi Times<br /><br />Jean-Christophe Gabler moved from France to Los Angeles in 1993. After pursuing a career in the entertainment industry for several years, he discovered his talent for finances and creativity while working on the development of Yogi Times. His yoga practice became a turning point in his life, giving him the focus and the direction he had been seeking. After returning from a 10 day Vipassana meditation course, JC delved into the publishing world with great passion and an intention to share the joy of yoga, health and sustainability with the world!<br /><br />As the International Publisher and Co-founder of Yogi Times, JC&rsquo;s focus is keeping the Yogi Times Lifestyle Media Group running smoothly with an eye toward the future growth of the company.<br /><br />When not playing his publisher role, Jc is dedicated to his family and his tennis/yoga practice.</p>

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