Beth Murray

Scottish journalist and yoga teacher currently based in Bali. Beth specialised in breaking news reporting at the Scotsman Newspaper until 2022 before pursing a career in yoga, pilates and wellness.
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Yoga marketing
yoga marketing: how to grow your business in 2023

Being a yoga teacher is about so much more than just teaching yoga, it all…

sacral chakra affirmations affirmations for sacral chakra sacral affirmations affirmations for creativity
sacral chakra affirmations for a more creative life

The chakra system is an ancient concept that describes seven energy centers within the human…

Clear heart
clear heart: how can I unblock my chakras?

The Chakra System provides a holistic framework for understanding and healing the mind, body, and…

heart chakra: how do I balance chakras in the body?
heart chakra: how do I balance chakras in the body?

The Chakra System, with the heart chakra at its center, provides a holistic framework for…

Crystals for self-love
crystals for self love: ten of the best healing crystals

Crystal healing is a holistic practice that uses the energy of crystals to help balance…

Gentle yoga
gentle yoga: 10 restorative poses for renewal

Gentle yoga is a form of Hatha yoga that emphasizes slow, gentle movements, deep breathing,…

Human design types
the five human design types: your life and energy in context

Human Design is a method for exploring your personality and uncovering insights about yourself, which draws…

What is human design
what is human design? a guide to understanding your unique blueprint

Human Design is a system of personality analysis and self-discovery that combines elements of astrology,…

EFT meaning
eft meaning: the history & evolution of tapping, the emotional freedom technique

What is EFT Tapping?  EFT, meaning Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping is a form of alternative…