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yogic logic

By: anita brown
Edited date: November 7, 2022Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

yogic logic yoga poem poetry art

connect anew

to center

purity embodying full, fresh-faced love

the mirror lies


inhale expansion

notice  everywhere-ness

tight tension-filled  hips tell old  stories

of hatred and jealousy

yet to be released

taut as a violin string

lies, the whole lot of ’em


feet planted firmly

salute the sun

bow down 


breath catches

struggle ensues

kinked and whorly shoulder knot

attempts to detour and block

prana vitality

a life-time of tactical scheming 

to dwell in long-forgotten dramas

and yes, lies


lunge, twist, savor strength

stability that reckons

Oma’s hugs

flexor making itself known

in no uncertain terms

rage and drunken foolishness

playing a  bar-room ditty 

in this venue

foul music to anyone’s ears

a fraud’s pitch



the earth envelops 

in darkness

the stars


squeezed and extracted



honestly and boldly



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