how one studio found marketing success on facebook


in just one week!

If you are a yoga studio owner, then you know it can be harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and attract the right group of yogis to your unique studio.

That was the challenge facing one yoga studio in particular. With so many competitors in their same area, how could they distinguish themselves and bring in enough new students to keep the doors open?

Here’s how they figured it out and brought in 62 leads in 1 week, and how you can use what they learned to bring more business into your studio, too.

Facebook Ad


The first step was to create an attractive Facebook ad that featured the yoga studio and their students. Use original images of your own studio in your campaign to give people a sneak peek at what they can expect. This is also your chance to showcase what sets your facility apart from the rest. Feature certain aspects of the experience at your studio from the first moment people hear about you! Here’s an example:



The image of their studio with paired with a great offer of
1 free, unlimited week of classes. This is a promotion that always does well with fitness studios because it gives students a chance to experience what you have to offer — and your staff a chance to make an awesome impression — before they commit.



With the Facebook ad in place, the leads started pouring in. In their first week the yoga studio got 62 leads, which is about 8 or 9 new people every day. But here’s the thing about running a yoga studio: Between managing current memberships, instructing, juggling finances, and all the other things that studio owners take on, it’s hard to find time to follow up with so many leads and still have a personal life.

That’s where automation comes in. It makes the entire lead generation process smoother. Think of it like the marketing equivalent of Child’s Pose or Downward Dog — it allows you to take a beat and find your center when following up with leads becomes overwhelming.

So what is automation exactly? It’s a process that allows your campaign to run from start to finish without having to lift a finger. That means once your potential yogi clicks your Facebook ad, the rest is automatically taken care of (an email confirmation, drip campaign, etc.) We recommend using an email service like Mailchimp or InfusionSoft to automatically respond to people when they click your ad and claim their coupon. This allows you to set up a series of scheduled emails to send and remind them to come into the studio for their free pass. Here’s what this yoga studio’s emails looked like:



TIP: The yoga studios we work with have also had success following up with their leads via text message, which you can automate by setting up a few text shortcuts in your smartphone’s settings. So when someone claims an offer, you’ll only have to type a few letters and let the rest of your message fill in by itself.


Retargeting was also a huge part of this yoga studio’s campaign that got 62 leads in one week. So if people clicked the Facebook ad for a free week but didn’t fill out the form to redeem the promotion right then and there, they were tagged with a code that allowed the studio to target those stragglers with different ads that reminded them to sign up for the free week. Essentially, retargeting allows you to advertise to people who were once interested in your studio but didn’t convert on the spot.

There are a few reasons why someone might not have chosen to redeem the free week right away. They could have accidentally closed the tab before they filled out the form, or they had to stop and do something else in the middle of the signup process. Retargeting reminds them to finish claiming the offer they were already interested in. And because you can retarget people for up to 6 months, they’ll see the ad over and over again.

These are just a few of the strategies that got this yoga studio so many new leads, and their campaign is still going strong. Maybe they’ll work for your studio, too!


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