yoga and the law of attraction

the law of attraction explained

You have heard the term “Law of Attraction” before.

It has been the subject of movies, books, and hundreds of articles. But what exactly is this Law of Attraction and how can you yourself combine this ancient “secret” with yoga to manifest all the things that you desire?

The Law of Attraction is a label given to the idea that we attract things and circumstances, both positive and negative, into our lives by just the thoughts that we think. This idea is based upon the principle that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy and the belief that like energy attracts like energy and without discrimination. For example, if one were to continually think about all the debt they have, more debt would be manifested to that person.

You might be questioning “But I’m a positive thinker, why do I still have debt?”

While our thoughts are a main key in manifesting abundance through the law of attraction, there has to be just a bit more participation in our end. In order to understand why and what role our thoughts play in attraction, we need to dive a little bit into quantum mechanics.

If we used the right type of equipment and explored our bodies beneath the skin, we would find incredible systems of operation; an organ system, nervous system, and circulatory system among others. An awesomely designed living and breathing machine. If we dove a little deeper, we would see cells. An even deeper look would reveal molecules and eventually atoms, and at the very core of these atoms would be energy. The energy that we would find at such a quantum level in our bodies would be vibrating and buzzing around at a certain frequency.

Now these frequencies are important to keep in mind as we begin to talk about thoughts. Science can’t really put their finger on what a thought ‘is’, but they do know that thoughts create little sparks in our brains and these little sparks of energy are vibrating at a certain frequency. The frequency that these thought vibrations emit talk to your cells and in turn, your cells send out electromagnetic waves containing the exact frequency of the original thought.

Our bodies are actually living and breathing electromagnetic fields with our hearts sending out the strongest electromagnetic waves; able to be scientifically measured several feet from the physical body.

An interesting experiment pertaining to thoughts making an impression on external elements was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto [July 22nd 1943 – October 17th 2014] in the mid-nineties. In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, he placed uncontaminated water from the Fujiwara dam in Japan in containers within a controlled environment and labeled them with different messages containing intentions such as “I love you”, “Happiness”, and “Peace” as well as less positive messages such as “I hate you”. The results showed that the way the water crystals formed had a direct correlation to the intention and messages on the outside of the container.

While there are many other details to this experiment, the bottom line of it all appears to prove the impact our thoughts have on external elements via our own electromagnetic field, as well as within our own bodies considering we are made up of mostly water.

As we step out of the realm of quantum mechanics with somewhat of a better understanding of our thoughts, we come back to the question “Can’t just thinking positively get me everything I desire?”. The answer is a loaded “yes”. However, there must be a couple of other specific practices put into action while working in tandem with our positive, or higher vibrational thoughts, in order to active the ever-elusive law of attraction.

The first step in the formula is to simply ask for what we want. Once we have a very specific idea of what it is that we want to manifest, we need to bring it to the very forefront of our minds and hold it there with very focused attention. Vision boards and visualization techniques are a perfect way to “ask” for something we want.

Let’s try an easy visualization experiment now.

Find a comfortable seat and relax a bit with a few deep breaths. Begin in your mind’s eye and picture that you are in your kitchen. Really put yourself there; see the sights that you would see if you were actually there. Listen. Can you hear any sounds that your kitchen would make? The hum of the refrigerator perhaps? Do you smell the smells of your kitchen? Maybe the coffee that you just brewed?

Take a few steps toward your refrigerator. See your hand reaching out in front of you as you place it on the freezer door. Pause there for a breath or two and take note of all of the details in your hand as you pull the freezer door open. Do you feel the cold burst of the air escaping on to your face? Do you get a chill?

Reach your hand into the ice tray inside of your freezer and remove an ice cube. How does your hand feel? Can you feel the cold burn as the ice connects with your skin?

Take the ice cube and put it in your mouth. Do you begin to salivate? Can you feel the ice-cold on your tongue as you bounce the cube around the inside of your mouth? Take a moment here and savor the ice-cold cube before consuming it completely.

How did that experiment feel? Did you feel as if you were actually there and experiencing the ice cube? Perhaps you got a chill as you were sitting in your seat and visualizing this experience.
This is the type of focus we must have in our mind’s eye as we envision what it is that we want the law of attraction to manifest for us. We need to feel it with all of our being. We need to experience what we want by being 100% present with it in our minds. We need to taste it.

Once we have a taste for it, we can move on to the second step which is to believe. We need to believe that what we want is already ours with that same passion we used to ask for it in the first place.

In order to convince ourselves that the thing we seek is in fact already ours, we need to change our internal and external dialogue.

We can be so used to saying things like “I can’t…” or “Maybe one day I will…” or “I’ll try to…” that we are in fact sending mixed signals to our very own energy. Saying “I’ll try” means that you will always be trying without accomplishing. Telling yourself “Maybe one day” tells your energy that you are not ready. Saying “I can’t” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s change our mindset. Start saying “I am…”. If you want to be an actor, say out loud “I am an actor”. Begin to feel what it would be like to live the life of an actor, immerse yourself in the entirety of it all. Do you want to have abundance of money? Begin to “taste” an abundant lifestyle.

Now, in the beginning, stating things that have not manifested yet will send your mind off into a tennis match with itself. It will feel weird to you because you are saying one thing yet the logistical side of your mind will be pulling at you saying “That’s not true!”. Just keep stating things as if you have already received them. “I am, I am, I am.”

We also will begin to obsess over how it will all happen. Again our logistical side will try to figure everything out for us, but we need to let go of trying to control the experience and just let it unfold. Knowing the “how’s” is none of our business when it pertains to manifesting. It takes some practice but in time, you will come to understand that living in the exact space in which you wish to dwell is the only way to manifest everything.

The last part of the formula is to receive it with gratitude. Accept what is given to you and be thankful for it. Expressing gratitude can be difficult for some but with small daily shifts in our routines, it is possible. Which brings me to the string that weaves it all together. Yoga.

What does twisting my body in a bunch of different shapes have to do with manifesting a brand new car, you ask? Well, yoga is not so much an external process as it is internal. Sure, the toned muscles and weight loss are great byproducts of a consistent regime, but the practice of yoga yields a bigger, much deeper result.

From the time that we were born, we began to layer untruths and misconceptions on to ourselves for a variety of different reasons. Some were the fault of our society; making us believe we needed to act or look a certain way, telling us we were not good enough or smart enough or even telling us our circumstances were our fault. Others we did to ourselves in an innocent effort to protect our precious emotions and our delicate minds.

Through deep breathing and challenging our physical bodies in the different postures yoga suggests, the mind begins to become clear. It is in this clarity that we begin to see things for how they really are. I’m not going to lie, gaining some of this clarity can only happen by ripping bandages off the wounds that we have been taking great care not to disturb over the years. Peeling back the heavy layers to get to our core can be an emotional experience.

As these layers get removed, we are able to tune in to different types of energies around us. The subtler, vibrating energies that others don’t notice.

The more sensitive we become to these energies in the world, the more we begin to try and find a way to manage them and the more we try to find a way to live with them, the more we realize how our own electromagnetic field and frequency of thoughts affect the world around us.

As we learn how to fine-tune the art of raising our vibration, we experience things on a different level. Moving with the flow rather than against it, and this is how we begin to manifest change.

The change starts off small at first with “coincidences” that begin to happen more and more frequently until we come to the understanding that there are no coincidences and that we are in fact playing an active role in the manifestation. Some things come quicker or in bigger packages than others, but you also will also begin to know that in order to manifest desires and abundance, shifts need to occur all over the world and things need to be stacked just right in order to come to fruition. You begin to relax and remain patient, knowing it will come.

To depart

Yoga is a perfect preparatory exercise in tuning our minds to a higher frequency. It calms us down, takes us out of “fight or flight” and tells us it will all be okay. It gives us glimpses into pure potentiality and lets us experience connectedness; to ourselves, to others, and to the universe.

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