spirit, mind, and body

Yoga practice offers a beautiful, affirming, and palpable reconnection to yourself and your way in the world.  This increases the connecting patterns between your spirit, mind, and body. The benefits are profound and can occur within several sessions, but there are some neccessary elements which must be present for this to happen. 

First, you must Show Up and approach your practice with an earnest, curious, and allowing mindset. This mindset enables you to begin the re-patterning of your internal connections, and opens you up to the opportunity of seeing yourself anew. The attitude that best supports your spirit, mind, body connection overhaul is allowing, observation, acceptance, and perseverance.  

This Allowing appears to be the most difficult aspect for those transitioning to yoga from an endurance focused physical routine. The push through required for running, gymnastics, ice skating, cycling or soccer is the opposite of what will bring you success with yoga. Allowing, breathwork, and relaxing into the correct pose deeper and more fluidly are the keys.

The component of Observation, has a neutral, curious, accepting quality to it. This is to say, notice how and where you are blocked with interest, curiosity, and acceptance. You can then develop the specific understanding that allows for a multi-level deepening of how your mind, spirit, and body are connected. From this deeper understanding, you can use the proper positioning focus, breathwork and affirmations to help integrate a new personal patterning for your spirit, mind, and body network.

Acceptance is required as it gently focuses your attention onto the space in which you are currently living on the three levels. It gives you an opportunity to CHOOSE to re-design your interconnections, so that you feel more aligned, supported, and strengthened.

Compassionate, loving Perseverance is also required. These techniques of allowing breathwork, noticing, and acceptance, with the intention and attention to deepen your acquaintence with your spirit, mind and body. The connection will re-pattern your internal guidance system.

Show up, be present, loving, and compassionate. Breathe, embrace, and receive the joy of you. You will find your mind is more at ease and more focused with an attitude of gratitude; Your spirit is less anxious, needy and dispersed; Your body is lithe and flexible devoid of pain and rigidity. And the interconnection of your spirit, mind, and body will be deepened, heightened, and broadened.  

The best side-effect is an internal empowerment: a feeling of self-confidence and the knowledge that you are the best guide for your activities in the world. This will ultimately bring you to finding and following your bliss toward prosperity.  

Enjoy your practice!