whole world eye

yoga poetry whole world eye rex butters

living jewel life source orb growing chi pulsation electric magnetic kinetic water protein mineral matrix primordial stew that made you energy ocean surfer, for sure you forgot Her like this meat blood bone came together on its own while you were busy on the phone instead of the sacred temporary loan she makes us we wander your surface altering the crust till it no longer supports us changing your skin on a whim arbitrary borders fences and boundaries we picture you with bad tattoos we’re ants with explosives clumsily spilling corrosives fracking hacking attacking anything that moves separate desperate tricked into dancing to death grooves your rich damp dark  fragrant grainy squeezy through my fingers she who is all we see we feast on your radiance lust after your luminescence  absence of force connects us to the source she gladly feeds us when we ignore them that bleeds us the cycle continues within us and without us

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