the man very busy


tales of the orient

very busy man was visiting a sageReached his ears that he was being and had a great interest in meeting himWhen he came before the sage he asked him:

The man – Could you give me some advice?

The sage – I will, if you ask meYou are no longer young, so I did not dare tell you that it should interest you to start yourself a little to the spiritual life.

The man – “I should do it” said the man, but I’m so busyI accompany my numerous business, go to meetings, watch the social partiesdo seminarsI talk to my colleagues, I am interviewed by the media  I’m too busy!

The wise man listened patiently and then said: “When you diemy friendsomeone will say, – Behold, died here a man who knew how to fill his life with useless activitiesCongratulations -“

The sages of yore when attention derails and focuses not on what they should concentrate onrather than on what they truly should liejust by filling up the life of useless activities and lose the precious opportunity to give you a higher sense.

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